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NATO to win the war with Russia: Yes or not?

Recently began to receive numerous comments about a possible military conflict of NATO and Russia (as the statement by Federica Mogherini, for example).

Russia’s position in this matter is clear and unequivocal: our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated and victory will be ours, and for the price we won’t stand.

From the same Western politicians heard this disagreement, talking about the turmoil in their chaotic ranks and doubts about the correctness of the chosen course against Moscow: like and are ready to fight, but something we really want; like and are ready to win, but I’m afraid in this case in the face shlopotat…

In this situation, Russia has a very serious advantage over the West (I would even call it deciding) – unity of COMMAND: GDP does not need someone to persuade, as he is in a position to make a decision at a critical moment. But with NATO the situation is much more complicated, with 28 of its members not everyone has the desire to jump into the pool with his head.

НАТО о победе в войне с Россией: таки да или таки нет?

I would compare the membership in NATO, almost every country with membership in the CPSU in Soviet times – they joined it because I HAD to, not because we were going to war with Russia. Therefore, if a real war, for NATO it could be just as sung in a humorous song: “Bravely we go into battle! And we are for you! And as a die! – Oops, wrong number…”

What remains of the heads of the Western military Alliance to do? Right: to keep a good mine at bad game – the tail pipe, barnyard, make demagogic statements. They strongly try to do, but something not very good – harmony, practise their votes are not enough…

For example, the force commander of the Alliance in Europe, General Breedlove said that NATO troops are ready to fight with Russia, but also to win it if the need arises. According to his assurances, the Alliance possesses the necessary forces and means.

However, it would be surprising if high-ranking NATO military told the opposite – in the end, he paid money for it, that he spoke WHAT is REQUIRED of HIM by the political leadership. Here in this approach is the main problem in NATO – to put first the politics and wishful thinking.

But Western military experts do not share the optimism General Breedlove. Was formed by a group of military experts, which compiled a report showing that NATO is nothing more than a colossus with feet of clay.

The authors of this sensational for Western taxpayers report were six experts, headed by former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and former Deputy Supreme allied commander of NATO in Europe, British General Richard Shirreff (Oh, those wiser “x’s”!).

In their study, the authors note that the troops of many key members of NATO suffer from a “chronic lack of funding” and “critical shortage”. As an example, it is reported that of the 31 Tiger helicopter of the German Bundeswehr only 10 ready-to-use, and of 406 Marder IFV – only 280 cars.

As for the UK, then it is, as noted, General Shirreff, “placement of crews, not to mention division, a credible commitment is a very serious challenge”.

Well, as you command in such a situation to fight with the Kremlin Brigand noble European chivalry?

And NOTHING is said about it in the beginning of this year, one of the generals of NATO Hans-Lothar Domrose, who said that due to the ongoing modernization of Armed forces of Russia has established a clear advantage.

According to Domrose, “Russia after Putin for a second term as President, made so much investment that the Russian armed forces today are modern, flexible and efficient, including that they are strong in quantitative terms”.

So, after all, is it NOT, dear Europeans?..

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