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Named the “therapeutic” fruit

Назван самый "лечебный" фруктExperts say that regular consumption of this fruit effect on health.

Scientists have discovered that regular consumption of avocados improves the quality of food, improves health, increases level of “good” cholesterol, reduces indices of metabolic syndrome and body mass index (BMI). Metabolic syndrome, characterized by a number of specific manifestations, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Its symptoms are: blood pressure above 130/85 Hg. article, the level of blood glucose is 100 mg/DL and above, waist circumference – 100 cm or more in men and 90 cm or more in women, the level of “good” cholesterol less than 40 mg/DL in men and < 50 mg/DL in women, triglycerides (the main sources of energy for the cells) is 150 mg/DL and above. The person who marked three or more of these symptoms, the diagnosis is “metabolic syndrome.”

The researchers studied the diet 17567 adults older than 19 years. Of these, 347 (2%) ate avocado – an average of half a fruit a day that contains about 114 calories. Also calories came in the body along with fats (about 50% ). The study showed that fans of avocados used in General significantly more fruits and vegetables, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins E and K, magnesium, potassium and less sugar and carbohydrates than those who did not eat these exotic fruits.

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, consumption of which reduces the risk of heart disease. Earlier studies had shown a 19% reduction in risk of coronary heart disease with increasing consumption of monounsaturated fat 5%.

The study showed that people who ate avocados weighed on average 3.6 kg less than those who disliked these fruit, they also had a lower body mass index (26,7 and 28.4 respectively), and their waist circumference was on average less than 5 cm. Finally, fans of avocado had a high level of “good cholesterol” (on average 55 mg/DL) compared to the rest (52.6 mg/DL). This study showed that causal relations were only observed some associative connection.

However, the results were intriguing. “These data indicate the role of avocado in improving the quality of diet and possibly in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome in the United States,” write the researchers. – “Further research is needed to accurately verify this and to examine the possible Association between increased intake of avocados and other food products”.

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