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Named by the date of a new stage of beta testing Overwatch

Названа дата нового этапа бета-тестирования OverwatchThe game will be available on may 24.

Blizzard Entertainment have revealed when gamers will be able to get to a new stage of beta testing shooter Overwatch. Players will admit to the tests already this week.

New tests will be held from 15 April to 17 April. Access to the game will open up to 19 hours Moscow time Friday to 7 a.m. Sunday. According to the developers, the new tests are aimed “to prepare the servers and the game to release”.

The game will allow gamers who already participated in the testing. Chosen will be sent the appropriate message to the email address provided during registration. After the beta version of the game can be downloaded and installed.

During the test players will be available a list of 21 heroes. However to try out them in action will be possible only on three maps: Hanamura, Route 66, and Nepal. It is noteworthy that the developers plan to conduct a stress test of the equipment. But, apparently, recruited the army of beta testers is enough to create the desired load on server.

The official release of Overwatch will take place on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will be available on may 24. Open beta will take place from 5 to 9 may.

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