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Mushrooms against cancer

Fans of Japanese and Chinese food noticed that the dishes of these countries is unthinkable without such an important ingredient like mushrooms. In Japanese and Chinese cultures, mushrooms have long been attributed not only delicious taste but also medicinal properties.

In ancient Chinese writings describe the cases of treatment with shiitake mushrooms diseases, according to the description similar to some forms of cancer.Scientists conducted an experiment and found that mushrooms can strengthen the immune system. For the research staff of the University of Florida were invited over fifty healthy young men. They were awarded with stocks of dried shiitake and instructions for their preparation and use. During the month the experiment participants were to eat 120g of dried shiitake mushrooms.As a result studies have been conducted blood participants. The researchers compared the tests taken prior to the use of mushrooms shiitake, and taken after the experiment. The comparison showed that in the blood dramatically increased the number of gamma Delta T lymphocytes. This kind of immune system cells that have the ability to detect in the body the viruses of tuberculosis and herpes. In addition, they are able to completely remove from the body papillomaviruses and have a detrimental effect on the virus that contribute to the emergence of cervical cancer.

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