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Modern technologies of the information war against humanity

Современные технологии информационной войны против человечества

Currently, information, awareness technologies develops special methods served by special addresses, make us believe in their unbeaten algorithms…

Propaganda is as old as the world, today’s attention to her due to the fact that in our time, involved new technology, which often relies on a fundamentally different technological support. During the First world war, for example, run millions of balloons with leaflets.

Such a complex “air” the path now looks childish in comparison with the capabilities of the television or especially the Internet in communicating necessary information to a specific head, and it is that which will react need predictable way. The main stages of the development of communication (oral, written, print – past and present digital) are in the Bud or that model of implementation of information warfare because new technologies allow us to break the existing information order. In the human head there is equivalence information and the physical picture of the world, because the changes in information representation it automatically transfers to the reality.

Oral model of civilization, common in the early stages of human development, when all you hear is the same, covers a limited number of people within earshot of the individual, of the chain: one person – one person. This model can be realized in space, as is the case with rumors, but in this case, is a replacement of one listening to others. And then we get action, similar to the dissemination of information through mass communication. Rumors are most focused on listening to, because be transferred is that: a) I want to hear, and b) is so extraordinary that can’t keep a man without restatement.

For example, a story about a search of the Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “In 1982 on the orders of Yuri Andropov, who held the post of General Secretary of the CPSU against Giorgadze opened a criminal case. Incriminate him in the guilt of taking bribes for granting of the mandates of the Supreme Council of immigrants from Georgia, and assign them to high positions in the state planning Commission, Foreign trade and the Council of Ministers of the USSR. During a search of the suburban villas Giorgadze, which was turned into a branch of the Pushkin Museum, was found about 20 kg of jewelry made of precious metals, precious stones more than 4 thousand carats, about 5 million rubles, tens of thousands of dollars, pounds and other foreign currencies. The biggest impression on the General Prosecutor’s office investigators who conducted the search, had toilets in the country Giorgadze. They were all made of gold 999-th sample. After the search, without waiting for a judgment, 23 November 1982 Giorgadze committed suicide (shot himself)”.

Of course, this type information: a) meets the expectations of the population about corruption and b) be pereskazyvat if will become the property of one person. But at the same time, it is true and not fiction. The same rumors, more or less true, for example, used Andropov in order to prevent the advance up or Romanov, Grishin.

The model of hearing is also a conspiracy component. Hearing is transmitted because the person becomes the owner of the hide, for example, authorities, information. This particular “motor” of its movement.

In General, we see here the working of the universal mechanism of destruction of the information monopoly (ROME). Information goes out of control, becoming an independent player. And censorship always implies reluctance and fear of “censor” to let out unfavorable information.

ROME is found in a variety of options. The revolution, though Russian, though French, changing the information monopoly of power on the interpretation of the world change as a result of the world. All the colored revolutions are busy: they bring to the fore the “wrongs” from the government, while the government in its information policy only tell about their achievements.

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