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Minsk became the champion on speed of service development in Europe

Минск стал чемпионом по скорости развития сервиса в Европе

Despite some difficulties, Uber remains, continues to work and develop in Belarus, told journalists at a press conference the representatives of the service.

— Minsk became the Champions for the Uber speed of development among all regions. The rate of growth of use of our service Minsk ahead of many European cities, — said Evgenia Shipova, communications Manager of Uber in Russia and the CIS. — 4 months more than 80 thousand people have downloaded the Uber app in Minsk.

Despite the optimistic mood of the representatives of Uber, the questions to the partners arise from Transport inspection organization, controlling inter alia passenger transportation. This is evidenced by the suspension of the license, or deprivation of such, some carriers Uber. The main claim of the transport workers — the absence of the order for chartering the vehicle.

— A purchase order that needs to be filled in by the drivers, it rudimentry report form, unfortunately, it must be filled out, but this creates inconvenience to the passengers, — says Evgenia Shipova. — Belarus is ready to move to electronic document management. The technical capabilities of the service. In particular, we have the ability to generate electronic receipts, duplicating the data required for the paper forms, but with greater precision and transparency for each trip.

— Need to keep up with the times. But the decision to move to electronic document management have to take in the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of transport, — said one of the participants of the press conference, law firm partner Alexander Bondar.

With regard to the use of yellow numbers, then, according to Alexander Cooper, based on the requirements of the CU Technical regulation on safety of wheeled vehicles, it is not specified anywhere that in the carriage of passengers under the contract of chartering of vehicles used by Uber partners, these cars should have yellow numbers. “Of course, Belarus has a STB, according to which we should have yellow numbers, but the law on standardization suggests that the use of standards is voluntary and the special act, indicating the necessity of application of a STB, does not exist.”

Were the controlling organization questions and for passing inspection.

— Claim arose from the Transport inspection in respect of the regularity of inspection: they were required to take it 2 times a year. So we decided on passing the line every 6 months, although we do not hire the taxi, said Dmitry Neverkevich, Director of the partner company Uber “Relevaient”.

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