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Milonov proposed to introduce in the aircraft Lenten menu

Милонов предложил ввести в самолетах постное меню

The Deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov took the initiative to oblige the national airline at the legislative level to offer passengers Lenten menu.

Here is how he commented on his proposal to the correspondent “RG”.

Any national company will have an unwritten rule to respect the traditions of the country to which it belongs. And not only in the airlines. Even McDonald’s now offers burgers with salmon. On the plane you will not offer pork, because you can fly Muslims. Why are we ashamed of their own traditions? I think this is wrong, and on March 14 will submit their proposals to the State Duma.

Let us add that, according to Vitaly Milonov, the initiative will support the majority of Petersburgers.

As for the airline and the transport Ministry, their reaction is mixed. In the Ministry, for example, believe that in a secular state commercial carriers to feed passengers in accordance with religious traditions it is impossible to oblige.

The airline mainly in the initiative negatively, as the variety of the menu will impose on them additional costs.

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