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Meldonium: “mine” the USA under the Russian sports

Nowadays there is such situation that if there is any international scandal in any field of human activity, Willy-nilly, look at the USA – without them, obviously in this case not done.

Мельдоний: «мина» США под российский спорт

If the scandal is directly linked with Russia, excuse me, gentlemen, the liberals, in this case the American “ears” sticking out the most unsightly manner, even if formally not visible at the first sight of U.S. intervention.

Therefore, as soon as followed by a number of scandals with the use of Meldonium Russian athletes, I immediately began to look for a “finger” of Americans. It turned out that there was no need to spend much effort: the Americans themselves and not think to hide this fact.

As You all know, in our time, professional sportsman is not able to achieve good results without the use of “doping allowed”. Well, as You already guessed, this “legal doping” at any moment could fall under the ban. That’s exactly what happened with this unfortunate Meldonium.

According to USA Today the U.S. anti-Doping, analyzing the results of audits 8300 random urine samples, found that Meldonium has been detected in 182 cases (2.2 per cent) ONLY ATHLETES FROM EASTERN EUROPE.

And if so, the Americans decided to put him on the list of banned drugs to top athletes training for the Olympics in Brazil, from 1 January 2016.

At first glance, it may seem that nothing has happened, BECAUSE ALL WARNED in ADVANCE ABOUT THIS. But the subtlety of the trick is that currently the training of any athlete more similar to a medical-physical experiment, designed for a few months, and even years.

It turns out that the Americans, declaring Meldonium doping, killed several birds with one stone: I broke the schedule of preparation of Russian athletes that seriously impact on their sporting results; made athletes forced to change medications to which they have become accustomed, which in turn dramatically increases the chances to catch them on random doping during the Olympics; have dealt a moral blow to the athletes; and, most importantly, is uploaded oil in kindling the fire to prevent the Russians at the Olympics in Rio.

That is, on the face of the Frank, cynical and well-thought-out PROVOCATION…

United States of America do everything possible to force the Russian side to break away and do some dramatic “gesture” on the basis of which Moscow will hang remaining in the reserve of the West, “a dead dog”.

All this, in my opinion, very indecent and despicable…


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