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Meeting with the master of the sky


Rare and the largest eagle. Strong bird able to get foxes, jackals, and small ungulates. Spent hours hovering in the sky in ascending currents of warm air, looking for prey, and swooping from the height and rapid speed. Or in inclement weather waiting for the prey from ambush. In the nest survival of only one chick. To tame by man for hunting. Systematically exterminated by the people mainly as a threat to livestock. In the twentieth century, listed in the Red book, CITES and other conventions on the protection of endangered species.

It is, perhaps, all I knew about the Golden eagle. And, of course, not had the chance to see live wild Golden eagle at close range. At the end of March I walked the familiar bog raised bog. Whiled away the time before the opening of hunting season and enjoyed in early spring. Fun up your songs and larks flew, making dizzying somersaults, from place to place Lapwings. Occasionally in the sky took flocks and single swans. Suddenly in 60-70 metres from me came out from under the low pine trees is a large bird of prey, took a few quiet steps, looked back at me and got up on the wing.



It all happened in a matter of seconds. Somehow I grabbed the camera with macro lens out of the bag and did a few shots offhand. And only on the camera screen, I considered a Golden eagle! I thought I caught the eagle during the meal, but the place where he was sitting, nothing was. After half an hour I stopped to rest, snack and take a break. I wonder where that went? The direction of flight through the trees I saw, and flew it low, like a Goshawk.




Throwing the strap of the backpack on the shoulders and camera strap on the neck, I went on. After a few dozen meters, my peripheral vision noticed movement right next to a dense pine forest. It’s him again! Looking at me, the Golden eagle can free pine land and take off. Now the Golden eagle, and was blown hundred meters, sits on a knoll on a public bog. The bird’s behaviour and its appearance created the impression of quite healthy and vigorous birds. But why is she so close to me let?


Slowly and gently I began to approach the eagle. First of all, I decided that it was a stray bird manual, and specifically came over to see if she has rings or something else. The eagle took him to three meters – no ring. And then… then it became clear that the damaged left wing of the eagle.



The majestic bird was not concealed and tried to withdraw. She just didn’t pull me warning and revealed a deadly beak. Think one more step and he will throw at me defensively. Anger at the person, the beauty of the mighty strength and pride came from the eagle. The desire to photograph a bird, the regret and guilt for disturbing you fought me.



The eagle gave to do some more shots, climbed towards the forest and disappeared against the dark edges. Who knows what trouble happened with the mighty eagle… Maybe the shot of the poacher, and could have come across the wires. Hope he will survive…


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