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“Medinsky said, important is not the fact, and lighting. So could say not a historian, and a Sharpie”

"Мединский сказал: важен не факт, а его освещение. Так мог сказать не историк, а шулер"

Last holidays in the Ekaterinburg House of cinema with the creative evening was made by the celebrated cartoonist, winner of the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival Harry Bardin. In the capital of the Urals mater for the first time, but says he will come again: the city he loved, interesting, and for once really get to know.

— Harry Y., Yeltsin centre visited?

Tomorrow going. And think about how our people are ungrateful. Recently, Mikhail Gorbachev celebrated the 85th anniversary of his kicking. Yes, there were mistakes, Yes, not with all he could handle, but don’t forget that this is a man who grew up in the Communist party, she raised him. Putin was raised by the KGB, and whatever positions he may occupy, he is based in psychology. Yeltsin was the first Secretary of the regional Committee of the CPSU, and he couldn’t reach the end in the dethronement of the Communist party. By the way, as Khrushchev was able to walk in denouncing Stalin only up to a certain limit, because his own hands were covered in blood… But we must remember that Gorbachev stopped the war and gave freedom. Yeltsin never chased the media, as they kicked him, and remained faithful to democratic principles. And for that we should be grateful.

— And in Kiev for the last two years you had to visit?

— It was necessary. It is easier to breathe, easier… I hope that the Ukrainian government will cope with the challenges which fell to her share, first and foremost, be able to reform the “Soviet” thinking. After all, what is so-called DNR and LNR? This nostalgia for the “scoop” plus crime, plus our FSB, which did a good job by introducing their people to prepare the blast. This is our business, and we are responsible for these deaths. We did not consider Ukraine as an independent country, was seen as a sick child in the family, which may indicate how he should live, who should manage them, fueled Yanukovych this. And the result is “brotherly”, as we called them, the peoples are fighting against each other. But as long as there is at least one of our military, we have no right to say that Ukrainians are “brotherly” nation.

— Harry Yakovlevich, your book “And then came then” came out before the war, three years ago. Then you wrote: “In Russia, many patriots have any phantom pain. This is when the patient allegedly hurt an amputated leg. Them and power of shame, and want of the former Empire with the countries of the Warsaw Pact together, and again we were afraid because our consciousness remains camp: fear means respect”. Phantom pain turned real victims. Meanwhile your grandson Jacob, the replica of which you shared in the book, grew up and probably went to school…

— Second graders!

"Мединский сказал: важен не факт, а его освещение. Так мог сказать не историк, а шулер"

“While in Ukraine there is at least one of our military, we have no right to say that Ukrainians are “brotherly” people”

“While in Ukraine there is at least one of our military, we have no right to say that Ukrainians are “brotherly” the people”Igor the Thunder

And in his mind combined what he says his grandfather – and that he’s told in school?

— He, unfortunately, brought up under the supervision of another of his grandma. And she, unfortunately, after inyaza graduated from the Higher party school. And we had such a watershed: “Crimea is ours” and so on…

And how to be?

— Wait until you grow up.

But Yash is already being shaped as a person. Repeated Soviet practice: home is one thing, school another, and the grandmother has a third?

— Me mum in the childhood has explained: “This is you’re saying here, only here!” – I blurted out somewhere else. Returns the fear that sits in us genetically, it was enough to plant a few people from Bolotnaya square to the next in the procession came the less people.

— We are talking 5 March, on the anniversary of Stalin’s death. Judging by reports from Moscow, his tomb in red square littered with flowers that people brought, not from fear – from love. On the lap become, the one who bows…

For me it’s terrible. Propagandists working at the Central TV channels, has made his own. In Penza have already put a monument to Stalin, and under the patronage of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, who also heads the Military-historical society. I think it is, first, the unconscious. Secondly, it’s just a mockery of their own people, over those who died at the hands of the executioner. Pushkin called such people the word “mob”. And “Black hundreds” was also mobile. This people are ignorant and forgetful. They are looking for the tyrant, whom they could worship, and then seek a new tyrant.

— Among people who, once given the go-ahead, shouted “Putin, enter armies!”, “For two days our tanks reach Kiev!”, “Crimea is ours!”, there are people who watched your movies, “Conflict”, “Adagio”, “puss in boots”. How is that possible?

— Smell of sulfur. It’s such diaboliad. You’re in the city, a judge sentenced a woman for sympathy for Ukraine to public works and destroying her laptop and a computer mouse! If this judge were given the opportunity to be in the “Troika” of Stalin’s sample, it would be Catherine Volozaninova shot. It’s a civil war going on in our heads. To avoid the worst, we need to change the vector of our movement, but for this we need to change the power structure. And this government to stay afloat, we have to rewrite history. As Medina said, is important, not the fact, and lighting. So could say not a historian, and a Sharpie.

— He is not a historian, and political strategist.

— So propagandist and liar. In this scenario, we will never be apart, and we will never come to that, to be on one side. There will always be intelligent and independent minds, who determine the history of quality of life and in relation to the past. You cannot pretend that in our history there are no black pages – a lot of them. For two hundred years Russia had 134 the war of liberation 13. When I talk about geopolitics, in which I supposedly do not understand anything I say, you really don’t understand this “geopolitics”, which requires the invasion to Finland and to Poland, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. I understand that we had a sixth part of the land (now seventh), we bowels comprise the entire periodic table. So if we consider ourselves a great country, one seventh of the Economics of peace must be ours. But in fact our economy is only 1.5% of the world! And Europe 20%, America 20%! I don’t need the great area of the country. I need a country where children are hungry, old people obihoženy – they have normal pensions and health care. Let country the size of Liechtenstein, but that it was – then the country can be called great. While we don’t, we cannot be called a great country. While the authorities each year, Victory Day and promised veterans a separate apartment and wait, and when these veterans die to hell, and are now building their own residences – it’s cynical, bawdy and vulgar. In such a situation to wait for good to occur.

— You are friends and work with Vladimir Spivakov. And it signed the collective letter to Putin on the topic of “Crimea is ours” does not interfere with your friendship?

— He’s a wonderful person. Yes, he signed. But let’s remember that on the scales. On the one hand, sick children, the operation which he collects money, the young musicians he from the outskirts of Russia was brought to Moscow and gave them the tools taught, and they play it in the orchestra. On the other side – this is a signature. He broke out of the hands! Kgbsts they are. Think bowl with children outweighs the bowl that is signed.

— You previously received funding from the culture Ministry, but your most recent film, “Listening to Beethoven” did not receive from the state a dime. You do not want to deal with Medina? And who gave you money?

— Yes, Medina is more to do not want. And the money gave the people. And the next film, which already I invented, also not is in line with the ideology of the Ministry of culture, and I there will be no appeal. I will refer to friends – not kidding delirious. Friends are the audience. Crowdfunding (how easily I learned to pronounce that word!) in Russia, as it turned out, it works.

— Tell us more about crowdfunding? I didn’t know what it is.

— I also until recently didn’t know. A few years ago, my young fellow at the meeting asked how I was doing. I according to Russian tradition, began to tell how my day is going: no money to complete the film. And he said to me: “Try crowdfunding” – “what is it?” – “In America in 2009 began. Collect the world in theater performances, movies. They are already so insolent, that of the old woman announced crowdfunding on the Spa treatment. And collect!” – “Yes, sort of uncomfortable…” – “all your life You’ve been working for their audience, maybe it’s time for them to own plowing you on?” And I recorded a video message to the audience with a plea for help. And then the video message with a request to help me wrote my now deceased friend Eldar Ryazanov, “Quartet”, Alexey Kortnev… Collected enough money not only on film but on payment of a fine, which I put to the Minister Medinsky (because of missed deadlines for the submission of work that was caused, including, illness 74-year-old Harry Bardin – approx. ed.).

— Your son, Pavel Bardin, film Director. As far as I know, a few years ago he directed the TV series “Salam, Moscow” for the First channel, but I can’t to see him…

— I can’t either. Pashin series in its sixth year, is “on the shelf”. In Omsk, at the festival “Movement”, he received two awards for screenplay and cinematography, and for the show to receive the award for the image – you know, the event. But the son doesn’t even drive with this film, so I still haven’t seen. Apparently, Konstantin Ernst scared social “podchersky” movie, which there probably is: because this is my son, without social statements he can’t.

— Yes, your son removes conflict movies. Recently office of public Prosecutor of Nenets district suddenly went to court with a demand to recognize the anti-fascist film Paul Bardeen “Russia-88” extremist. The film was released back in 2009, and even then the Samara Prosecutor’s office tried to ban…

— As is often the case, zealous supporters of the government tried to get ahead of the power itself and to please her. Well, fools. Thank God, got out. On Pasha “black label”, same as me. But what now, shut up? We voiced our position where possible. If you want to go out – we go out [to meetings]. Wife initially resisted: “you’re lucky there’s old? You and Pasha are with you!” Once tied in the paddy wagon, but then released… I said to Masha: “People should know my position.” At last the procession in memory of Boris Nemtsov my son and I went, and found four of “God’s dandelion”. These old women first whispered, and then one of them turned around, “We’re so glad that you are with us, and we stand with you”. For and need to state their position, to know.

— More about the bans. On the initiative of Yelena Mizulina, the state Duma in the first reading has equated to child pornography hentai – Japanese erotic and pornographic comics and cartoons. For production and distribution it is assumed from three to ten years in prison. Your attitude to this?

— I don’t know what is hentai, but really looking forward to the day when Mizulina join the convent – her there, the place. But once was in the party “the Apple” – and this metamorphosis with a woman happened! I think she is one of those who understands, what can make political capital. What today can this capital make? On the obscurantism. And her working conditions and similar people is a socialist competition: who mrakobesie.

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