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Media: only three retail Bank showed a profit by the end of February

СМИ: только три розничных банка РФ показали прибыль по итогам февраля

Of the ten largest retail banks in the Russian Federation profitable by the end of February began only Rusfinance Bank, received by results of first two months the profit of 326 million rubles, “Orient Express” with profit in the 122.7 million rubles Tinkoff Bank (RUR 1.8 billion), according to RBC with reference to the data portal banki.ru.

The rest showed losses, with some increased compared with the previous month. So, “home Credit” has lost 1.7 billion rubles, which is 4.23% of more loss by the end of January. Renaissance Credit has lost 899 million rubles (111% of loss January). The loss of “Delta Credit” has reached 2 billion, an increase of 520%, “Russian standard” has lost 4.8 billion rubles.

Reduced the damages left by the end of February in the red, Sovcombank (from 2.2 billion to 154.5 million) and Summer-Bank (from 96 million to 11.5 million).

Profit growth in some retail banks largely due to the reduction of costs, optimization of banking business processes and efforts to reduce overdue debt on loans than the growth of retail lending, said a senior analyst at the NRA Egor Ivanov.

In General, the situation in the retail lending market directly depends on the economic situation. To say that there is a category of people who can issue retail loans too early, as in the unsecured segment of the population’s propensity to additional debt load remains low, analysts say financial institutions S&P Sergey Voronenko.

“As soon as we see the stabilization of incomes of the population, it will be possible to talk about stimulating domestic demand. But this will not happen before 2017”, — concluded the analyst.

Earlier, the international rating Agency Standard & Poor’s predicted that Russian banks will operate this year under very difficult conditions. The Agency expects the continuation of the revocation of the banking license and Bank failures, mergers and acquisitions in the banking market, as well as deterioration of asset quality and loan portfolios.

According to analysts, the majority of Russian banks are not well capitalized and in 2016 at best can achieve only breakeven. “We continue to believe that the government will support the Russian banking sector, but is unlikely to give him as big a financial aid package,” — noted in the Agency.

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