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Long-term feeding from the nipples may lead to dangerous consequences

Длительное кормление из соски может привести к опасным последствиям Two year old babies should not be feed with a nipple.

When you start to wean your baby from a bottle with milk? Scientists suggest doing this around the age of one year. Two year old toddlers, mums continue to feed artificial nutrition with nipples, often overweight than children who are taught to drink from baby cups.

Researchers from the University of temple, USA, studied data on 6750 children, 20% of which continued to feed artificial milk from the nipples at the age of two years, and came to the conclusion that these kids are 30% more likely to suffer from obesity by the age of five. Scientists are not sure whether bottle food the only culprit, but they suggest that this food should gradually stop once the child turns a year, accustoming to drinking from an infant Cup.

“Maybe when the child grows up, the nipple ceases to be his only source of food, and he uses it to calm and pleasure”, the researchers explain. Additional food, which gets the baby, brings him good, putting off in the form of fat. In addition, a long feeding from a nipple may impede normal balanced diet two-year kid, who in addition to milk and other necessary products.

Pediatricians have long advised parents to teach children to drink from the bottle at 12-14 months, because this way of eating increases the risk of formation of holes in the teeth, especially if the child is eating at night.

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