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Loans in Russia in 2015 has fallen by almost 1.5 times

Объемы кредитов в России в 2015 году упали почти в 1,5 раза

Russian banks in 2015 issued 21.7 million new loans totaling more than 2.4 trillion rubles, while their number in comparison with the previous year decreased by 29%, while the volume of loans by 46%, according to the United credit Bureau (OKB).

Reducing the number of deliveries in comparison with last year is observed on all types of credit products, according to the study. Hardest hit segment of car loans and credit cards: they were issued by 76% and 75% less than last year. Loans cash has decreased by 39%, and mortgages by 33%.

At the end of 2015 in the portfolios of banks were more open to 74.7 million loans with a total volume of 12.6 trillion rubles. The balance of loans receivable for all open loans amounted to a 9.05 trillion rubles. The number of overdue loans amounted to 12.6 million units or 16.9% of the total number of open loans, of which more than 9.5 million credits or 12.7% of the total have late payment 90 or more days.

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