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Lavrov said what Putin agreed with Kerry

Лавров рассказал, о чем договорились Путин с Керри

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave a press conference at which he announced the results of negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry.

According to the Minister of foreign Affairs, during the visit of an American diplomat in Moscow, the parties discussed bilateral relations and major international issues.

Thus, countries agreed to continue to coordinate actions to reinforce the ceasefire regime in Syria.

In addition, both Moscow and Washington are convinced that the conflicting parties should engage in direct negotiations, therefore, the Russian Federation and the United States will achieve the relevant decision from Damascus and the Syrian opposition.

Also Moscow and Washington urge the parties to the conflict to intensify the exchange of prisoners.

American and Russian sides agreed to intensify efforts to create conditions for a political settlement of the conflict in Syria.

In addition, in parallel to the search for diplomatic ways of solving the problems in this country of the Russian Federation And the United States will strengthen coordination to combat banned in Russia LIH.

Also Moscow and Washington agree that there is no alternative implementation of the Minsk agreements.

However, Lavrov noted that between countries the differences remain, it concerns issues of missile defense and NATO expansion.

According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russia and the United States understands that to undermine the framework of bilateral relations is counterproductive.

The foreign Minister noted that during the negotiations the Russian side has let know Kerry that readiness for dialogue with Washington on an equal footing. Lavrov also stressed that the countries have agreed to establish a regular review of bilateral relations.

U.S. Secretary of state during his visit to Moscow, talked with the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin.

Photo: Sergei Guneyev/RIA Novosti

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