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Почка отсчета

To sell a kidney to repay a loan to save her husband or to return to his wife — three stories that are behind the advertisements for the sale of organs.

Vadim, 33, Kemerovo

“Difficult life situation, to become a kidney donor. Is completely healthy. Reward: 5 000 000 RUB., bargaining”

A year ago it all started. I was at work, the call — say, a major accident. Our MOE’s technique always attract, if you need to saw the crashed car. Come, and no one, they say not to save: dead carrier. Look — and this is my dad.

Father I respected. He was a simple man, my brother and the authority, workaholic. A few days before his death we had a fight. I could not sober this idea to bear, the father died, and I before him did not obey. He began drinking heavily.

Me sober and reckless. I worked at mine, in favor always, I have a higher education. Then the MOE ten years: consider that these same miners and saved. The brigade commander was, “Raspadskaya” award I was given. I think, fuck who’s going to fire me. Drunk, and went or didn’t go at all. Well, got fired.

Почка отсчетаVadim Photo: from personal archive

Wife to suffer and left. We have a son with autism, Yes I’m still here. The apartment she began to take off, so I’m at the door was on duty, wheels her pierced. But if a man will see what next, fight, barely pumped out one guy then. One day she left. The tube does not take, but I know that at my sister’s. So I dog her sister with anger stabbed. Love because its Lubke, native it. And my own son. We are leading to a speech therapist, and there, perhaps, to read and teach.

Mother brother and me, tied up and in the trunk was taken to the clinic. Nine months from drinking treated. Was released from prison — what was going on, I don’t know. And I have in the box account alone: the apartment in the mortgage, TV, fridge, computer, — Yes, all on credit, like at all. With fines under a million and came running.

I need someone with such labor? At least buy a new book, men we all know. Who me mine let? Krimly 200 rubles a day to unload, stuff like that. On baspaket enough.

So let kidney take. Know read more then 20 years do not live. What about me? Still — or suicide, in prison or die for debt.

The chances of me a little, of course, this is all illegal. There is a clever way — like a kidney I don’t sell, but give. Me and a comrade for it thanks.

Debt pay get some SP, PE… Truck or just buy bombillas will. Maybe for sale of pigs going to grow potatoes. Platanthera then realize that I’m fine. Will be back.

Nicholas, 27, Tambov

“Become a kidney donor. Reward: 1.500.000”

Last night the collectors came, showed a stack of sheets with my photo. It to across the street to paste up what I owe and willful defaulter.

My first business, one might say, was good. In the Institute teamed up with a friend, rented a room, opened the Internet, and after — second. In Tambov the demand was for a week the queue was like for classes or work are gone, and themselves in a “Counter” cut. In 2010, equated us to gambling: started checking, software licensing required. I walked away then, started construction to do.

Почка отсчетаNicholas Photo: from personal archive

There are larger attachments. Tool, workers 20 people, and for them the downtime though low, Yes give. SP issued: registration, tax — credit and 450 thousand passed over. Not like it was terrible — in tenders participated, shopping center repaired our large and private house-apartment, of course. And then our Governor has changed, and everything is different now: the migrants came — orders left. Mine, for example, 700 rubles for a square tile take, and the Uzbeks over 200 will do. But the Uzbeks do. There is not paid, then deceived, passports taken. I can’t do this, my boys have long known: if earned, to give.

Spontaneously the idea with the kidney are having. The human body, all can, some with one kidney born — and nothing, she begins to grow for two to work. A couple of times already called, but while outright fraud. I, supposedly, himself through all this, I want to help others: throw five or six thousand, I thought you were a decent buyer will drive.

If surgery is not native to say. No one suspects the problems are. Wife only about one loan in the course which it is issued. And the debt is on her grandmother secretly issued. I don’t give already.

Olga, 24, Rostov region

“To sell a kidney. Reward: 1.000, 000.”

I and eateries in the network worked, and a shop seller, and a waitress at the bar, and Manager in the taxi, and the market traded. Can be considered good, can farm, can long time on your feet. If only the pay is good, if only children have-nots didn’t. I now left one worker.

Husband got into an accident in the summer. Rostov rode with his brother, there worked as a loader. Driving husband’s brother was with him at all was bad: a month in a coma, the bones are not collected, the prosthesis placed. Given his disabilities, to walk. Mine still goes a little bit with a stick. Seven broken ribs in his hand a needle, in the leg plate. Through the year, a second operation is necessary — all this to get.

Почка отсчетаOlgaPhoto: from personal archive

Sooner we got married, six years already. I worked as a waitress, and he was in the cafe with the company came: a nice, handsome, doesn’t drink — not ours. He is a Muslim, and I am Russian: here and took me to his parents, still not allowed on the threshold. Well, at least the children to visit take. We have two already: elder five and younger two-and-a-half.

Four months as my mother we were driven out of home: I, in General, interfere to set privacy. In the wilderness some to work she went, and from there this guy brought. Start us to survive all sorts of attacks, insults. Even gave me to you, said to this house from a mile away didn’t fit.

Removed the apartment, 10 thousand a month to pay. I know all occupied, occupied, 100 thousand it has run, has no more to do. And pay four to six thousand others were not. Besides, I have nine classes. When I finished school, mother gave birth to my brother, I had to sit with him. And my father does not know, he is constantly on prisons: for one thing, then another.

About the kidney the husband said he will not allow me to work as a disabled person to do. But I don’t care either way — only the money. Even five years later will live, and children to buy a house, a husband to put his feet. Now, if I don’t.


Почка отсчетаAndrew Calls

In the early 90’s I worked as a doctor in one of Moscow’s major hospitals. All we knew about her collaboration with the firm for the sale of kidneys. Donors became posthumously: the informants were in morgues, in hospitals. Of course, the relatives didn’t say anything.

The operation itself is quite formal: the customers were brought from abroad, mainly from Turkey. Then still operated Soviet laws on medical care in the country could expect any, located on its territory. Patients were referred for dialysis, then as if a miracle were found to have their kidney. For each operation, the hospital received two thousand dollars.

A kidney transplant is the most simple transplants: it is not surprising that that huge business. The body, in fact, not transplanted, and hoisted to the existing one: no long preparation, no complications. Requirements to the donor is minimal — a few days before surgery do not drink, do not smoke: of course, not to have a history of kidney diseases. Will fit a human kidney, which had once a problem with alcohol. So in theory everyone can find buyers of their bodies: the lower the age, the more likely. With the advent of modern immunosuppressive drugs for transplant fairly the same blood group and rhesus factor.

Looking for suggestion for a specific demand. So, the business has a greater degree of fusion with medical institutions. If the patient has a need to transplant, be sure to find someone who will take under the elbow in the corridor and will offer a “contact person, who will help”.

Oh and after the donor search: on sites, forums. For example, there is a page where all the content is devoted to a kidney transplant. And signature: if you need to consult a urologist — phone.

Legally I am not, but everything was clear. The price range is very large.

Trading in organs is prohibited everywhere, except Iran. To donate a kidney can only blood relative. “Volunteer” is carried on other people’s records that in some cases doctors are asked to close their eyes. Money, for example, is transferred to the account, and the access to it open after surgery. On written agreement of the question: therefore a risk that there will be no kidney, no money, very large.

In compliance with any healthy lifestyle a person can live with one kidney. And with one eye, ear, lung, ovary, with half of the liver. I personally observed the patient, who in his youth had lost the kidneys, and at that time she was over 80. But I still think you have a better idea than to put the body on the organs.

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