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Kirkorov — sad fate of a creep. Youth self-proclaimed king of the Russian platform has propertiesa on the belly before Pugacheva, until it was replaced by a younger and more nimble Galkin.

Photo: prozvezd.info

Maybe someone of Philipp Bedrosovich and understand: the road to the top difficult and tortuous, and sometimes have their own dignity to give up.

The ditzy grandmother entertain, the piano boy who wants to write, to stand, while the adults talk — all this may seem acceptable casualties on the road to money and glory.

Photo: showbiz.mirtesen.ru

But when you already have both, why continue lithobiidae?

Recent concert Kirkorov visited Navka with Sand, as the king is a sycophant hurried to inform its subscribers in Instagram. As evidence Philip attached a photo where he’s standing in front of Navoi on his knees and looks at her with a look of Kholui in the euphoria.

Photo: 123ru.net

Kholui so glad that the bar gave him his attention, fell into a state of true euphoria.

I look at this and not understand: why?

That’s what happens with Kirkorov, if he’s not on his knees before the powers that be?

Imprisoned? No. From the country drive? No. Concert activities will be banned? No. No longer invited to TV? No. Easy pop earned work taken away? No.

Then what’s the point to travel along to those who sit in the Kremlin? What do you get, besides your reputation robolobster jester?

Don’t understand. Despise.

What do you think of the sycophants? Can understand them? Do servility forgivable quality, or you communicate with lackeys is unacceptable?

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