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Kerry answered questions about the case and the guitar

Керри ответил на вопросы о чемодане и гитаре

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry refused to disclose what was in his suitcase. He noticed that the only two who know he and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“It’s a secret. Only President Putin and I know that there is,” said Kerry, responding to a request of journalists to reveal the secret contents of his suitcase.

Brought a guitar to the Kerry explained the love of music and desire to rehearse at your convenience. “As for my guitars, I actually carry it with me everywhere, and when I have the opportunity to practice, and I need to practice a lot, I’m trying to do,” quotes his words RIA Novosti.

Kerry said that playing guitar in high school. “And you can find on YouTube as I played with a small orchestra with a jazz band in the garage. This, of course, not very good music, but I try to only play for themselves,” he added.

Before the talks, Putin suggested that in the suitcase, which bore the head of the state Department, when I went down the ramp at Vnukovo had the money, “to bargain on key issues”.

In response, Kerry promised to show the contents of the portfolio while interacting with face to face. “I think you will surprise, pleasant surprise”, — he promised.

Earlier official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in Facebook about the guitar that Kerry brought with him to Moscow. “This is a personal guitar of John Kerry, who travels with him around the world,” she explained.

The meeting of Putin and Kerry was held in Moscow on Thursday evening, March 24. In the interview, which lasted four hours, was also attended by Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, US Ambassador to Moscow John Tefft.

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