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Kerry Lennon, Putin, Bender, and Koreiko, the Donbass and the red suitcase


Керри, Леннон, Путин, Бендер, Корейко, Донбасс и красный чемоданчик

The last time, making virtual visits to the Pro-government Patriotic community, to notice, how many in them of joy and optimism in light of the recent visit of John Kerry to Moscow. At least someone in Russia there is a good spirit and festive mood, a heated insulting remarks to the American envoy and his red suitcase, which he mysterious manner gave the President the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

What degrading epithets not awarded John Kerry from the Russians. Involuntarily looked at his biography and came to the conclusion, that a man like Kerry to be very bad and immoral person he is painted. Take his guitar. Well, what if he brought her to Moscow? He will not part with her, traveling around the world. Yes, Kerry knows and loves to play guitar, loves music and was personally friendly with a man by the name of Lennon.

Керри, Леннон, Путин, Бендер, Корейко, Донбасс и красный чемоданчик

The songs of Lennon, by the way, loves to listen to the other person by the name of Putin. Let’s put beside Vladimir Putin and John Lennon — good same people? Why John Kerry misses that company?

In his youth, Kerry fought in Vietnam, and then frantically spoke before Congress against the war. In his famous statement on April 23, 1971, he said a few desperate by the time phrases:

Керри, Леннон, Путин, Бендер, Корейко, Донбасс и красный чемоданчик

“I would like to speak on behalf of all of us veterans who several months ago in Detroit conducted an investigation, collecting testimony from more than 150 demobilized with full honors veterans, many of whom were awarded orders and medals for military merit, war crimes committed in Southeast Asia…

We saw that it was not only civil war, with some success people who for many years fought for their liberation from any colonial attempts at intervention, but we also saw that the Vietnamese whom we so enthusiastically created in the image and likeness, it was hard to force to fight against the threat from which we according to our assumptions wanted to save them…

We saw that most people don’t even know the difference between communism and democracy. They just want to peacefully work on their rice paddies without helicopters, hunting for them and bombs with Napalm burning their villages and tearing their country apart. They want only one to everything connected with this war, particularly with this foreign presence of the United States of America, left them alone, and they’re just trying to survive by cooperating with any troops that at the moment are on their land, whether the Viet Cong, the North Vietnamese or the Americans…

We began to destroy the village calling it their salvation. We saw America that has lost all sense of morality, when she met a very cool truth about Mi Lai (song Mi), refusing to say goodbye to the image of American soldiers handing out chocolate bars and chewing gum. We know the value of free zones the use of firearms, firing everything that moved, and we saw how cheap America valued the lives of Asians…

We watched as the United States had falsified statistics of losses, almost chanting the calculation of the losses. We heard how us month after month told me that ridge the enemy has almost broken. There we fought using weapons against human beings of the East. We fought there, using these people against such weapons, the use of which, I don’t think this country is at least in sleep I could imagine fighting somewhere in Europe…

A friend of mine, an American Indian, one of participants of capture of an Indian tribe Alcatraz island, vividly told me about it. He told me how he, a boy living on an Indian reservation, was happy when the movies that he watched on TV, the cowboys shot the Indians, and once in Vietnam, he suddenly stopped and thought, “Oh, God, I come now with these people, as did with my people” and he stopped. Here is what we are trying to convey to you, we believe that this must end”.

By the way, at the time these word liberty was not the most popular, for it could be arrested, what happened, for example, with a popular entertainer Dean reed.

But it was people like Kerry, managed to stop further bloody slaughter of the Vietnamese. Not really a bad person to say such harsh and truthful words and do, in fact, such moral actions. That’s what our President had to remind John Kerry during his visit to Moscow. About this speech. To read it to him, to remind, to show him footage Chronicles the mass killings of Donbass “Indians” and “Vietnamese” turned Kiev racial right “superhuman” human-like creatures. To tell how under the guise of liberation, Ukrainian Nazis completely wiped off earth settlements DND and LNR. This is expected of all sensible Putin Russian people. And it should make a real politician that cares not about the rating, and the compatriots and the world.

Керри, Леннон, Путин, Бендер, Корейко, Донбасс и красный чемоданчик

What I hear the Russians? What strange passages about the red suitcase… About the special people who were supposed to take out the plane instead of Kerry, that money in the suitcase… Right, but it’s not gangster shooter in the style of the 90s and the gangster disassembly in the suitcase were bills. That brought in the suitcase of an American envoy? Somehow remembered the film “Golden calf”.

Керри, Леннон, Путин, Бендер, Корейко, Донбасс и красный чемоданчик

Only in the role of Bender with folder seemed to carry a briefcase, and the Loin — Putin.

But God was with him, with Koreiko, an underground Soviet millionaire who bought the Ostap Ibrahimia a folder with compromising for one million stolen roubles. Isn’t it time to sound the mystery of the red suitcase? I do not offer him the redemption he brought John Kerry to the Kremlin? And would for the contents of the suitcase of the pledged interests not only of Donbass, Novorossia, and Russia?

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