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Kamaliya showed his grown up daughters

Камалия показала своих подросших дочерейThe singer shared on social networks a new photo.

Kamaliya has together with her husband, two daughters, Arabella and Mirabella. At first glance, the girls are the absolute copy of each other, but if you look closely, they are still a bit different. By the way, my daughter Kamaliya like his dad, though, and the features of the singer they have is also visible. The singer is very often spoils his fans with fresh images of the daughters, thus demonstrating their affection and love for kids.

Not all parents can give their children maximum time and attention, especially for people who have a huge financial condition. But Kamaliya and her husband repeatedly proved to others that the children for them — the most important and they are willing to give them all the time, as it is very important in the process of education.

Now, as Diana has signed her new photo, where she’s having fun with her daughters in a Park: “No matter how busy you are, children to educate yourself you have to.”. With the position of the singer will agree most modern moms, because no amount of money and material goods cannot replace to the child mother and father’s love.

Камалия показала своих подросших дочерей

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