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It became known as fear spread in the society

Стало известно, как страх распространяется в социумеPsychologists have explained the mechanism of the spread of fear.

Scientists have long been interested in how the transmission of fear among the people. Studies have shown that social learning has become an effective tool against the spread of fear among people.

The group of people who have agreed to participate in the study, showed a video in which several people were scared. After people watching it they showed a photo of one of the characters who was present in the video, but along with this experimental zapped on the wrist.

As a result, scientists have decided that the majority of subjects began to experience fear at a time when they again showed a picture of a man, but when they are not zapped.

In the second part of the experiment, scientists showed people a new image, and they felt no fear. After this first test subjects also watched the film and image and did not experience any fear. After this experiment, scientists have stated that such a practice will allow you to take measures to prevent the transmission of fear.

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