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Is innovative Crizal spectacle lenses

Crizal представляет инновационные линзы для очков

Did you know that right now, when you look at the computer screen, straining your eyes twice more than usual? And the fact that the retina gets dangerous radiation, the consequences of which can lead to permanent changes? Protect your eyes possible — just choose the right lenses for glasses.

When ordering glasses many pay attention primarily on the rim. But do not forget that not less important correctly to pick up lenses, because they are the guarantee of health of your eyes. Socket – a part of your style, as you can see, and eyeglass lenses is how you see the world around us. Only high quality, reliable and durable lenses will provide your eyes everyday comfort and crisp vision.

Crizal — tech brand in the market of spectacle lenses, which has established itself as one of the most reliable manufacturers in 100 countries. Crizal lenses are created with a patented technology: each lens element are applied with special functional coating, consisting of a complex combination of several very thin layers that are not visible to the naked eye. Coatings improve the protective properties of the lenses and inhibit harmful radiation, for example, hazardous blue-violet light is the companion of all gadgets. Glasses with Crizal lenses are ideal for adults and children, as special hardening coating has a high factor of protection of eyes from UV radiation, especially dangerous for the child’s retina. Eyeglass lenses Crizal indispensable for everyday correction and eye protection in special circumstances – work, sports, driving. Crizal coatings solve five of the problems people constantly face, wearing glasses. No more fingerprints, dust, glare, hiding your opinion, annoying scratches and water drops, prevent in bad weather.

Eyeglass lenses Crizal available in 307 cities in Russia, because a clear view of the world should be for everyone!

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