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Iraq is calling on oil producing countries meet in Moscow

Ирак зовет нефтедобывающие страны на встречу в Москве

In Iraq believe that the members of OPEC and outside the cartel countries will meet on 20 March to Moscow, although the date and place of the meeting was met with skepticism Russia and the Gulf States, reported Reuters.

Earlier Wednesday, the Deputy oil Minister of Iraq, al Fayad-It said that “the meeting in Moscow between the largest countries-manufacturers of oil of the OPEC and the countries not part of the cartel is expected to take place on 20 March”. “Will be discussed freezing of the production level,” said the official, whose words leads to the state of Iraq newspaper Al-Sabah.

As pointed out by al-NEMA, his country was prepared “to cooperate in the discussion of the plan of freezing of the production level with the world’s major oil producers and to ensure that Russia and Saudi Arabia, the largest producers and exporters of oil, sit down at the negotiating table.”

On March 3, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to the Minister of oil of Nigeria Emmanuel Cacique also said that the meeting of major oil-producing countries, likely to be held on 20 March in Russia.

However, later the representative of the cartel told Reuters that “the Gulf countries prefer that the meeting took place in the first half of April, and best of all in Doha or any other country in the Gulf”. However, he added, the countries of the OPEC “impatiently” waiting “for a good meeting and positive results.”

For its part, the head of Ministry Alexander Novak said last week that the place and date of the “oil” meetings is not defined, though Russia is ready to accept it.

“For now, there are different offers (range of dates) from 20 March to 1 April,” — quoted “Interfax” the Minister.

According to him, discusses options for meeting in Doha, Vienna and Russia. “Until a final decision is not accepted. From our side we are ready to host our colleagues”, — said Novak.

16 February 2016 following the meeting in Doha, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela have agreed to freeze oil production at the level of last January, but only if other manufacturers will join the initiative. Among the countries that had expressed such a readiness, Ecuador, Algeria, Nigeria, Oman, Kuwait, UAE. Iran and Iraq is still talking only about supporting “steps to improve the situation in the oil market”, avoiding promises to join the frozen production.

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