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Iran to establish oil transit to Europe via Ukraine

Иран может наладить транзит нефти в Европу через Украину

Ukraine and Iran discuss the possibility of oil supplies from the Islamic Republic to Europe through Ukraine, as well as oil processing at Ukrainian enterprises. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was declared by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Gennady Zubko.

According to him, the Ukrainian side is interested in diversifying oil supplies for Ukraine.

“On the other hand Iran is interested to diversify its oil exports and petroleum products, he added. — So the question is about the possibility of refining of Iranian oil on the territory of Ukraine, and the possibility of storage of crude oil in Ukraine, and then the diversification of gas supplies to the European Union. This is an interesting direction and we are working on these opportunities.”

According to Zubko, while the supply of Iranian oil in the EU is a strategic issue, it is important for both sides.

“We (the Ukrainian government delegation, staying in Iran — approx. ed.) held a series of meetings with the Minister of oil, Minister of agriculture. Tomorrow we meet with the first Vice-President, and the main question is about the resumption of cooperation,” he added.

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