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In World of Tanks appeared Ukrainian localization

В World of Tanks появилась украинская локализацияFor World of Tanks has released update 9.14.

As promised before the New year, Wargaming prepared a localization of the game World of Tanks in new tongues. Among the new localizations: Belarusian, Ukrainian and Kazakh (texts, fonts, voice acting, combat training, etc.). Now the game client is available in 39 languages.

The “tanks” will introduce Physics 2.0. According to patchnote, tanks will get a new server model movement and Colleen models when interacting with the environment — obstacles, terrain, water, etc. Added new maneuvers and the behavior of the tank in motion and in collisions. For example, slipping and sliding.

Regarding sound, in addition to global peresvety all mechanisms of the tank and its surroundings, will add several new internal. Operation of motors, types of systems, reloading, shells of different calibers, the tank shots and sounds when driving over different types of coatings vary. But what is unusual is the addition of sounds when using consumables such as repair kits, first aid kits, fire extinguishers. Will voice and of damage tank crew voice. In short, interesting and weird at the same time.

A number of things from popular mods will be included in the base client WoT. Removed a number of flaws in the interface appearance of tanks (emblems, inscriptions). Redesigned in HD-quality 24 models of tanks. So, T28 Prototype will get the roof of the tower, i.e., will cease to be convertible and it will be possible to install ventilation.

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