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In the U.S., banks are advised not to buy Russian government bonds

В США банкам порекомендовали не покупать российские гособлигации

In the U.S., banks are advised not to purchase Russian government bonds because of the high risks and sanctions policy.

We are talking about large credit institutions of America.

Russia in 2016 plans to release a series of international bonds, the total cost of which will amount to at least $ 3 billion. The Russian side has already invited to buy bonds from big banks in the U.S., Europe and China. On this occasion the Ministry of the Treasury and the state Department has issued an official statement in which has warned banks from purchasing government bonds due to the fact that they contradict the policy of sanctions.

This was reported edition of the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, 25 February, citing unnamed sources in the American financial world.

In addition, according to the position of the state Department and the U.S. Treasury, the Russian market remains high risk due to the fact that the situation in Eastern Ukraine still is not calm and stable.

Note that by itself the Russian banks purchasing government bonds is not contrary to the sanctions policy.

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