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In the state Duma called “Stopham” semi-criminal and anti-state movement

В Госдуме назвали "СтопХам" полукриминальным и антигосударственным движением

The Deputy from party of LDPR Dmitry Nosov said that he supports the elimination of the movement “Stopham”. He told about it on Wednesday, March 30, in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

According to the parliamentarian, “Stopham” was “semi-criminal community”, which received funding not only from the state, but “from the same sources which Finance the Bulk”. In addition, Nosov accused the activists that their videos were shot for anti-Russian propaganda abroad. Recording, in his opinion, were intended to show that the national law enforcement and justice, “in ways that the people out and arranges a lynching”.

“It was such an anti-state propaganda with the help of these commercials abroad. Therefore, some measures have been taken by a group of people that I can’t talk on the phone, my official requests and certain passages”, — said the Deputy.

The Moscow city court took the decision on liquidation “Stopham” 12 October 2015 at the request of the Ministry of justice. On March 21 of this year, the movement was excluded from the Unified state register of legal entities (EGRUL).

The project founder Dmitry Chugunov, commenting on the situation, said that the decision will be challenged. “For us it was a surprise. Judging by the fact that this story, like the special operation was conducted without our participation, we believe that there were certain procedural violations,” he said.

Movement “Stopham” established in 2010. Activists are pursuing violations of traffic rules, for example, sticking on illegally parked cars sticker: “I don’t care at all, parked where I want”. Recently in a match with “stopmovie” joined famous people. Among them, the singer Anastasia Stotskaya and four-time Olympic champion Alexei Nemov.

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