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Intelligent provocateurs


Who, why, and what sculpts stickers to violators of traffic rules

Conflict activists “Stopham” with four-time Olympic champion in gymnastics Alexei Nemov caused a great resonance. In the language of law until he has passed, but the heightened interest in movement indicates an ambiguous attitude in society and the relevance of the problem of rudeness on the roads. “Ribbon.ru” reviewed “battle road” of people’s fighters for following the rules and talked to the activists and opponents “Stopham”.

Petrovka and illegal Parking

In February, Alexei Nemov twice “lucky” to meet with “stopmovie” on Petrovka street. The first time the Olympic champion was sitting with his wife in the passenger compartment of his car opposite the entrance to Petrovsky passage. The car was parked in the second row. At the request of perepuskajutsja couple responded that snaps into place, which is about to be released. But a few minutes later disposition has not changed. The activist went again to the car Nemov. Sitting inside pretended not to notice. Then on the windshield of the SUV appeared known for its trudnosmyvaemye sticker “I don’t care at all, parked where I want”.

The next day the Olympian back in the second row fifty metres from the spot where he stood last time. Just opposite the building of the Prosecutor General of Russia. This time in the car, he was alone. Seeing in the hands of the “stephanova” sticker Nemov obscenely sent him away. In response, the activist silently taped the sticker to the same place and day before.

Champion ripped off the sticker and stuck it to the guy in the chin. He pushed it away. Nemov rushed forward and hit “stephanova” base of the palm to the chin. In response, the activist pushed him to the ground and asked him to calm down. Stand not let. Olympian and rose again with the force pushed the young man in the chest. Then during a verbal altercation once again poked in the face. Did the champion left hand, which during the battles came off watch.


Alexei Nemov met with “stopmovie” two days in a row

Frame: Sergey ASCII / Youtube

The situation eventually was resolved by a consent Nemov to perepuskajutsja. Now the couple Nemov trying to understand what happened on Petrovka.

“We think about how to deal with this situation, because this can happen to anyone, want to punish these people, — has told Galina Nemova”Russian news service”. Is real provocation. They behave as intelligent, with the trigger, pounding the window and asked: “What are you doing?” What — you don’t even realize in this situation. What is this, Alex also for themselves want to dismantle”.

Galina emphasized that the second day is only a few minutes went to the bathroom. In her opinion, the husband did not violate the rules of the road, as in the place “all standing”.

Petrovka street is one of the famous drivers of the estates “Stopham”. Five years ago members of the movement have held regular raids. Prior to the introduction of paid Parking they seemed to be the only force that can clear pedestrian crossings and exits from yards from the parked transport. It is noteworthy that the stickers are all sculptured in a row under signs “the stop is forbidden”, but only to those who disregarded the rights of pedestrians and other drivers with a special cynicism.

The traffic police of boors and the street would not notice. Apparently, due to the excessive number of drivers with a difficult status. In close proximity there are buildings of a capital Central Board of the interior Ministry, the Moscow city Duma, the Prosecutor General, the Central Department store, there are a lot of expensive clubs, boutiques and restaurants. By the way, paid Parking and forced evacuation significantly improved the situation.

A place where “stephanova” clashed with an Olympic champion, well known to the Moscow drivers as the bottleneck. In the tube there can be pleasing even at night. On one side are two rows of Parking available at the Marriott, fitness center and boutiques in Stoleshnikov pereulok. From the other in several rows — there are cars of visitors “Petrovsky passage”.

As told “lente.ru” Creator “Stopham” Dmitry Chugunov, the idea is to fight lost the shame and conscience drivers came to him in this tube.

Educational project

According to Chugunova, “Stopham” should not be seen as a way of “class struggle” or the youth-protest, to show the impotence of the government and restore order on the streets. Dmitry believes his educational project aimed at changing public consciousness, getting rid of the cliche “everybody does it”.

The organization is not intended to substitute for the state, and focuses on the fight against flagrant manifestations of disregard for the norms of urban residences.

The abundance of regional offices of the project can be called Federal, and even international (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova), but not everywhere the work goes smoothly.

“We had to close the branch in Karelia. There they supervised the minor young man who had not formally pursued any traffic violations, irrespective of their car bothers someone or not”, — stressed cast Iron.


Photo: Alexander Vilf / RIA Novosti

The first raids were conducted in Moscow in 2010 in the framework of the project “Our 2.0”. In the same year, in the summer of Iron introduced the concept of anti autohome at the forum “Seliger”.

Six months after the creation of “Stopham” found organizational and financial autonomy, providing the organizers of earnings.

“In the beginning I was engaged in fundraising, invested their money. But now we have a partnership agreement with YouTube, and the advertising we receive about 150-200 thousand rubles a month,” said Chugunov in 2013. From this money he paid himself a salary, and three activists who participated in all the raids. The rest worked in the project as volunteers.

Now cast Iron is mostly in the Public chamber, but retained General supervision of the project.

“It helps us. Looking at mounted rollers before publishing them. Makes recommendations as to where to add, where to cut,” said “the Tape.ru” one of the leaders of “Stopham” Kirill Bunin.

The movement is divided into separate projects. Bunin engaged in actions against the fans to ride on sidewalks. Another group faced Nemov, carries out raids against illegal Parking. Another group is addressing the issue of illegal private Parking spaces on city land.

The current cases of clashes with motorists Cyril explains the frequent raids.

“We now hold four shares per week, he said. — In the backbone of the Moscow “Stopham” includes about 40 people. Approximately 60 people — those involved in one-off promotions”.

All adult women. This is a mandatory requirement. Each are instructed on safety. Beginners only occupy Supervisory positions. In contact with drivers entering those who are able to maintain restraint and calm, able to debate and legally savvy.

Street fighting

The project “Stopham” widely known for his videos. Their aggressive content largely determines public opinion about the movement. Critics believe that the broadcast does not include episodes when activists get “the necks”.

However, up to 90 per cent, according to the activists, behind the scenes, because in most cases they did not have any problems with the violators. Most drivers comply with a request to rearrange the car, not engaging in discussion.

The publication of videos, which depicted the conflicts and fights, regarded by many as a PR. However, this is primarily a way to protect activists from false accusations. Well and earnings, including for making some stickers.

Products “stopham production” has enjoyed great success with the audience. So, more than seven million views scored a story about the clash of fighters for the correct Parking lot with the family of the Plenipotentiary of the Chechen Republic under the President of Russia Tamerlan Minaeva. The incident occurred in April 2012 at the shopping center “European” in Moscow. Video “Stopham” eventually influenced the decision to dismiss Minaeva and a criminal case on hooliganism against those who attacked the guys.

A year for inappropriate behavior by the employees of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Margaret Arakelian apologized to the head of the Commission Vladimir Churov. The girl in all seriousness said on camera that the status of the civil servant allows her to Park the car at the crosswalk.


Dmitry Chugunov (left)

Photo: Dmitry Lekay / Kommersant

In the summer of 2013 the acting head of administration Alexander Marino Smolyakov resigned after his wife on the Range Rover was hit by two activists of “Stopham” on the sidewalk. The woman pointedly laid out on the dashboard skipping the Prefecture.

According to Kirill Bunin, they offered to buy the video or pay to have it not published, but the activists on such proposals do not agree.

The effectiveness and efficiency of work “stephanova” has led to the growth of traffic by region. Moreover, the initiative came from below. Along the way, and raised a wave of discontent. However, no organizational forms opponents “Stopham” and not created, keeping the activity at the level of thematic groups in social networks.

The most notable performance against fighters with riding on the sidewalks was February 10, 2015 in St. Petersburg, when they were beaten and robbed seven “stephanova”. Three were hospitalized with serious injuries.

And two weeks ago in Moscow activists attacked the driver, armed with a baseball bat. His SUV stopped on the sidewalk. It is noteworthy that aggressive man laid her on the ground not “stephanova” and people passing by.

“Rudeness rudeness not to defeat”

According to the 2014 survey, about 52 percent of Russians aged 20 to 60 years of support “Stopham”. 17 per cent belong to the movement negatively. The rest of the project either do not know or are not interested in them at all.

However, among the opponents of the movement many famous people, public figures and human rights defenders.

So, against “Stopham” the athlete, the founder of the Russian school of karate Koi But Takinobori Ryu, writer Andrey Kochergin.

“Rudeness rudeness not to win. People with active citizenship we need to focus on existing law enforcement system. To achieve its legal, civilized way”, — reported “to the Tape.ru” Kochergin.

According to him, should create a system where people will be able convenient way to transfer information on Parking violators and other criminals to the police.


Andrey Kochergin

Photo: Andrey Kochergin page in “Vkontakte”

“The President makes three million grants, — said Kochergin. — Why? It turns out some destructive activity in the bypass of the Ministry of interior. Some have a special pass that allows you to go anywhere. It is sometimes necessary to ensure the security of the state. And what they need before each jerk report: why and where are you going?”

By the way, in his time an active interest in the movement has been the former Minister of internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev. He cited “Stopham” in the example of Department officials. However, not pursued.

Currently, according to Chugunova, “Stepanova” by the traffic police is rather negative. No organized interaction between them occurs.

Kirill Bunin says that relations with Gai officers can be described as “50 on 50”. “On a personal level, many employees respect us, shook hands. Know the names,” he said.

The problems with law enforcement “stephanova” are rare. In the five-year history there is no movement trials. Stickers on windshields, despite the objections of many lawyers, are not recognized in practice, “damage of another’s property”. Not punishable and videography offenders without their consent.

Choose “stephanova” also do not seek to declare to the court on the offenders, if the skirmishes don’t end in injury. Here in the case of Alexei Nemov — Chugunov said that claims it has no activists.

“If Alex or his wife wants this conflict to develop, I will be forced to defend themselves. I have the source material, and to say that she walked for five minutes in the car or had a child, will not succeed,” he warned.

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