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In the Russian state Duma dream of oil at $ 200 per barrel

В российской Госдуме мечтают о нефти по 200 долларов за баррель

One of the reasons for the increase in oil prices is a lack of investment in the sector. If the funding will remain scarce and further, the prices for oil can fly up to 200 dollars per barrel, says member of the Duma Committee on energy.

Oil wars with the purpose of influence on Russia is slowly running out, says member of the Duma Committee on energy Ivan Grachev. This explains the gradual recovery of prices for “black gold”. The Deputy reported “Russian news service”.

“In my opinion, the attempt to crush Russia oil war in this pulsed mode ends. People are more realistic begin to see the world, in Russia and beyond, in my opinion, will monotonically grow in average oil prices until the next crisis,” he said.

Grachev believes that the growth of prices for “black gold”, in particular due to insufficient investment in the oil sector.

“The underinvestment of the same year and a half very serious. If three years of underinvestment, there she (the price of oil — approx.ed.) not only up to 110 and 200 to be increased”, — said the Deputy.

Ivan Grachev back in mid-February said that oil prices are stabilizing after reaching an agreement to freeze production levels of raw materials.

Brent oil March 6, rose above $39 a barrel, on the morning of Monday the cost of the may futures on the mixture of the brand reached us $39,48 per barrel, reports RIA Novosti.

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