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In the milk of several producers in the Urals discovered antibiotics

В молоке нескольких производителей на Урале обнаружены антибиотики

As reported in sverdlovskom Rospotrebnadzor, for the last godov under the control and supervision activities management and production control were investigated 162 samples of dairy products. Antibiotics were detected in 32 samples (19.8 per cent). Within the monitoring activities investigated 19 samples of dairy products.

Discovered antibiotics (penicillin) in 5 samples (26,3%) from the following manufacturers: open company “UGMK-agro”, Verhnepyshminsky dairy factory (Milk pasteurised, mass fraction of fat 3,2%), OJSC “Poultry factory “Reftinskaya”, Asbestovsky utility livestock complex (Milk drinking pasteurized “Reftinskaya”, fat mass fraction from 3.2 to 4.5%); LLC “Permmoloko” (drinking pasteurized Milk, mass fraction of fat 2,5%); JSC “Irbit dairy plant” (Milk drinking pasteurized, mass fraction of fat 3,2%).

Meat products for antibiotics was investigated 147 samples, in 1 sample within the production laboratory control was found bacitracin.

The Agency rejected the product Verhnepyshminsky dairy factory (“UMMC-agro”), Asbestovsky utility of a livestock breeding complex (“Poultry ‘reft’) and Irbitsky dairy. In addition, the antibiotics found in the products ‘Permmoloko’ available on the public shelves. The producers fined.

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