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In the Finnish Nokian confessed that messed with the test tire

В финской Nokian сознались, что дурили испытателей шин

The fraud came to light when journalists of the Finnish publication Kauppalehti took for testing is not provided for by the tyre company, and they bought them in the store. It was found that normal “commercial” tires are worse in their characteristics than those that the manufacturer specifically provides for such tests. It’s like, for example, to treat a tasting of delicious cheese or coffee, but to sell in a package not like that. People learn about a good product, willing to shell out, but you get the purchase of lower quality. According to the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Volgograd”.

– The tires were made specifically for tests and had better characteristics in comparison with the presented in the sale by the models. Our rules now prohibit such actions, and I can guarantee that the use of different tyres over last year— the Reuters Agency quotes the words of Ari Lehtoranta, Executive Director of Nokian Tyres.

In a word, here and make a fool of our brother. After the scandal with the “dirty” diesels Volkswagen, where was the similar situation (while testing on the stand motors showed reduced emissions), the credibility of the stated promises is becoming less.

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