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In the Chinese city of Shenzhen will start to follow the cars

В китайском городе Шэньчжэнь начнут следить за автомобилями

The authorities of China launched in Shenzhen the program for tracking the road in real time, reports Reuters.

In the pilot phase of the project involved 200 thousand vehicles — specifically, trucks with hazardous goods and school buses, are equipped with RFID chips. Their movement captures fixed traffic equipment. In the future, the project will spread to all cars in the city.

The government hopes that such measures will reduce cases of installing a fake license plate and other illegal activity on the roads, and collect data for transportation applications. In case if the program is deemed successful, monitoring the vehicles will spread to other cities of China.

In March 2015, U.S. President Barack Obama criticized the plans of the Chinese authorities on the installation of loopholes in the products of technology companies to track their users. The Communist party of the PRC demanded from suppliers of it solutions to provide the cryptographic keys used for encryption of personal data.

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