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In Russian College student shot by fellow students

В российском колледже студент стрелял по сокурсникам

The gunman killed himself.

In College Russian Blagoveshchensk on the morning of Thursday, November 14, the shooting occurred.

According to Russian media, the student of the educational institution came into the building with a hunting rifle and opened fire on their peers. As a result one of them died on the spot, three more have got wounds and was hospitalized. Police blocked the attacker in the audience, after which he killed himself.

As said one of the eyewitnesses of the incident site 360, Amur student housing and communal College came to the school with a shotgun, had carried him past the guard, and then went to the toilet, where he began his charge.

According to the interlocutor of the channel, the young man “threw” the teachers in the audience and started shooting at other students. “One killed, two wounded. Then his policeman wounded”, — he said. Another student of the College said that all classmates have the shooter hid after he went into the audience.

According to sources, the Port-Amur in College, the shooting was opened by fourth-year student. “He went into the audience and said, “You got me”, I began to shoot, one of the guys got hit in the head, the other also wounded, and then committed suicide,” — said the source publication.

The publication of the Amur info, eyewitnesses of the tragedy told that a student during class went to the bathroom and returned with a gun. In a classroom where he opened fire, there were about 20 people. In total, according to witnesses, was heard five shots. When the shooting began, students fled, their belongings left in the classroom.

Also became known the identity of the shooter — 4th year student Daniel Zasorin.

According to Mash, a student opened fire after he was expelled from the classroom for being late. The student was asked to leave during the beginning of classes, after some time he returned with a five-charging a gun in his hand and started shooting.

“According to students, the cause of the shooting could be a revenge for the girl. Classmates zasorina told police that over the girl outraged the arrow in one of the premises of the College (statements to authorities it is not). Learning about the incident, Daniel was furious, was in the audience and took aim at those who were considered involved in the incident”, — said Mash.

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