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In Russia you can officially allow to “borrow” the gun, including adolescents

В России могут официально разрешить "одалживать" ружье, в том числе подросткам

In the state Duma a bill which gives the right to citizens from 16 years old to carry and use someone else’s weapon.

Under the bill, citizens who have permission to possess firearms or to purchase, will have the right to take someone else’s weapon for hunting, reports “Interfax”. The authors of the document explain that citizens who do not have their own weapons and not intending to buy it, but want to hunt, you can obtain a new type approval document “for the carrying and use of weapons”. With this permission they will be able to “borrow” the gun from its owner.

The resolution, according to the document, will be issued for a period of 5 years and in a similar way as the licence to acquire arms. The process includes training in weapons handling, passing medical examinations and other necessary tests. The authors of the law believe that its implementation will not lead to increased risks to public safety.

The law presupposes the ability to “borrow” weapons for hunting young people 16-18 years. To do this, the teenagers will have to obtain a permit and a hunting license. Weapon for them, the authors of the law is limited only by the hunting smoothbore long-barreled weapons, and to get it you need to be personally introduced to the consent of the legal representative of the minor.

Recall that in spring the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, after consultation with Asgardia and State-legal Directorate of the President did not consider raising the age of eligibility for the purchase of shotguns. The idea came after the tragedy in the Kerch College where on October 17 last year, 18-year-old student shot students and teachers. Killed 21 people, wounded more than 50, the shooter himself committed suicide. The weapons he bought legally from the age of 18 years.

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