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In Lipetsk violent arrow twisted vacationers

В Липецке буйного стрелка скрутили отдыхающие

The night before, on the waterfront of Lipetsk there was a conflict between a man and teenagers. Companies adults tourists tried to turn attention to violent men themselves, that almost cost them health.

“After a while we spotted this character coming down from the steps and moving in our direction (towards the water) but with the operational holster body and the gun in his hand. Thank God we noticed it early enough, he went to the people in the center of the promenade, aiming a gun. Stepping and taking aim at the crowd of people with children, he shouted, “I’ll kill you all!”.

One of the fathers of our company worked on the bar and the chance was behind the striker. Try maximum to take the gun from children, we deviated a little to the side, giving the opportunity to come back to our friend.

When a drunken man with a gun reached the distance of 15 meters from us he decided to open fire. Coordinated his drunken wife who randomly poked a finger in one then in another, thank God comrade from behind jumped on him and grabbed the hand with the gun and neck. We, too, rushed on him, as a result of our actions still drunk shooter was neutralized, but the shot he still could, really missed, the bullet flew in millimeters from the ear of one of his comrades. Children who are in the city centre on the waterfront saw uncle with a gun aimed at them with the words “I’ll kill you all” and started firing are in a state of shock, mother in shock too. Rowdy we tied up, a drunk spotter threw himself on people in melee, but was also twisted.

Describe the events the authors of the letter.

— A man was arrested, the gun was traumatic, is withdrawn. Criminal case concerning an administrative offence, — stated in the regional police.

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