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Ilya Yashin: he was tired. It’s time to let go

Илья Яшин: ему надоело. Его пора отпустить

In my opinion, Putin had enough. The impression that he’s a servitor, answering all these questions.

Especially sad Putin looked like when he had to talk about the economy. GDP dropped into negative territory, incomes fell, prices rise, and wages across the country are detained. The President admitted that the country now lives eating reserves.
Show completely… But promised that next year the situation will improve. How, by what? No answer. Most importantly, what is not said Putin — why our economy looks like rotten wood. Why after 16 years in power he did nothing to rid the country from dependence on natural resources and to learn how to earn and not just to sell oil and gas.

Twisted, when asked about charges for the repair. I know, they say that people are angry, but what can you do — you have to pay.

But then in the other.

When it comes to ordinary people, we always “have to pay”. The utility prices are rising — pay. The overhaul, which is planned to be in 20 years, but need money now, pay. Public expenditure on education zdravookhrane and reduced — everything must be paid for by the citizens.

However, when it comes to Putin’s oligarchs, the approach changes dramatically. Scratch any of Putin’s friends — everyone has billions of dollars and stash, safely on foreign shores. The government’s preferences of the Bank for Kovalchuk. The opportunity to milk the truckers for Rotenberg. Putin’s son-in-law entered the top Russian billionaires. A witness at the wedding $ 2 billion “casually,”. Nothing to hesitate.

But if someone dares to stutter, Putin turns purple: “the Stuffing! An attempt to destabilise the country! Stick the ears of Americans!” Very convenient to shove with friends the country in the pockets and blame everything on the Americans.

Even more Putin’s mood worsened when asked about Kadyrov. If you remember, in his report on this figure, I have formulated key idea: the Kadyrov regime is a threat to the national security of Russia. It is curious that Putin, though in a veiled form, but essentially voiced the same thought. The President said that “some Caucasian leaders” need to understand that they “harm the stability of the country”.

This is another proof that Putin is well aware: Kadyrov dangerous and out of control. But also it confirms the fact that Putin is nothing you can do. Because these statements on the public eggs not worth a damn if Putin himself a few weeks ago was reappointed Kadyrov as head of Chechnya.

But the most comical episode of the straight line is the question, who next time will hit the Russian army. “On the road and sloppiness,” said Putin. At these words, probably, many people tensed. I hope still, the generals have realized that Putin was joking and would refrain from bombing Voronezh.

Interesting, but this time there was almost no truly pressing issues. However, this is not surprising. Shortly before the event came the news: the Builder of the cosmodrome “East”, who told us a year ago Putin about the non-payment of wages, arrested in Ussuriysk.

The way we live.

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