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Hunting biathlon on serne

On the eve of day of Saint Tryphon, the patron Saint of all hunters, February 13 held the third of the personal-team competition on the hunting biathlon on a prize of Club of hunters with gun dogs “Serna”. Like last year, the event was held jointly with DRDO CAO of Moscow in the land of Noginsk district hunting and fishing Union.

Cups and medals for the teams this year were provided by the DRDO CAO, for which its leader, A. V. Serbinenko, thank you very much. And for the victory in the individual event club “Serna” provided a wild boar yearlings for 1st place, 2 for goose and duck decoy working for the 3rd!

Stated 7 teams, a total of 27 hunters participated, including two women hunters. The route this year was still two laps. From the start I was required to pass 650 meters to hit a stationary target “boar” three times at a distance of 35 meters (shooting was conducted from a personal shotgun sub-caliber bullet) and then another go round in 880 meters.
Thanks to the organizing Committee headed by Andrew Stern, the track was prepared perfectly, despite the difficult weather conditions!

After the competition the President of the club “Serna” noted that this year the bulk of the teams was presented to CAO Moor of Moscow and only the commands “Serna” and “Taiga” was represented by other societies. I hope that next year will come to us and other members! Also not to quote his words: “Our hunting biathlon became really traditional, and you can bet that next year and the year after, and five in the 13-15th days of February (depending on the calendar) we are waiting for you on the track with guns!!!”
Briefly about the results.

The first place took the team “a Primary hunting and fishing team No. 17 moor CAO of Moscow”. Total time of race 40 minutes, 8 seconds. Team members: Oleg Voronkov, Mikhail Karasev and Maksim Kirsanov. The Chairman of the team Abidin A. V.

Second place — the team of ABOUT 15/CAO Moor. Consisting of: Surov Andrey Rakitin Vladimir, Alexey Volkov and Mikhail Belokopytov. The total time of the race 42 minutes, 41 seconds.
Third place — team 13/CAO Moor with a total race time of 43 minutes, 22 seconds. Consisting of: Viktor kolomin, Dmitry Gusev, Oleg Molchanov and Natalia Ilyin.

Each team was awarded with cups, medals and diplomas.
Individual prizes were divided as follows.

First place — Oleg Voronkov from the team “P. O. K. No. 17 CAO Moor”.
Second place — Dmitry Gusev, from the team “ABOUT 13/CAO Moor”.
Third place — Artem Abramov, “Taiga”.

Winners in the individual competition, as promised, were awarded. Voronkov got the boar, Gusev — Gus, and Abronova — duck. I wonder if Gusev gets the goose, for next year, please note Kabanovich and Utkin — the prizes are waiting for you, remains only to speak!

The women’s team, as in previous years, was not represented, and only two of Natalia acted in competitions, ilina and Severe. As usual, they are great, and Ilyin participated in the team-the prize-winner, and Harsh was awarded the “Turtle” for the will to win!

At the end of the article I would like to quote chief judge of the competition, the judges category III, Shulgin Paul.

“I want to say thank you to the organizers, the club “Serna”, Society of hunters and fishermen of the Central administrative district of Moscow, Noginsk society of hunters and fishermen for their work and an invitation to participate in this event!

I also thank my colleagues who helped in refereeing: the judge on the firing line (M. Kovalenko), the judge at the start and the finish (White Yury Anatolievich), judge on the Protocol Casurina A. N., secretaries competition Field M. and Surova N. for a job well done.

The organizing Committee managed to conduct not just a sporting event, and make a real holiday dedicated to nature, hunting and sports. It was nice to see that this event attracts not only hunters, but also members of their families, including the youngest, which, by the way, the organizers have not forgotten, arranging for fans of the various competitions!

Directly competitions also were held in an atmosphere of fair competition, friendship and mutual assistance. I should note that the majority of participants showed good results in shooting, but the course may have been influenced by a number of conditions, not giving in recent years fully train walking on skis hunting in the Moscow region.

Lately a lot of talk about reforming or even dismantling of the public hunting organizations, however, the activities of enthusiasts, United by common goals and ideas, selflessly dedicating their time and energy to conduct a public that is not unimportant, events, suggests that the potential of societies of hunters has not been exhausted. The clearest evidence of this can serve as past events. Let’s hope that such events will be held more often and attract more people to nature, hunting and a healthy lifestyle!”
Family holiday, as always, was a success! Warm fellowship and hot beverages, delicious pilaf from the organizers — everything was on top!

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