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How to visually lengthen legs

If you think that the clothes you choose, visually shortens the leg, try using a few simple techniques that will create the opposite illusion. Help your legs look longer, choosing the right clothes and accessories matching colors.

Let’s find out how you can visually lengthen the legs, using a few simple tricks that will also help to elongate your silhouette, if you a petite girl. So here’s what you need to finally get the coveted “long legs”.

Monochrome outfit

One color from head to toe is a great way to visually lengthen not only feet, but also growth in General. On the contrary, contrasting colors top and bottom give the opposite effect.

One color from head to toe is a great way to visually lengthen not only the legs but also growth.

Wash face

One of the best ways to visually lengthen the legs — to erase the border between the bottom (pants, skirt) and shoes. This means that it is better to wear flesh-colored sandals on bare feet or shoes that match the hue of the pants. In the first case, try to pick shoes that in color is best suited to the tone of your skin. If we are talking about black pants, choose black shoes or boots — this trick will bring your feet to perfection.

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Choose a higher waist

If you are the owner of a short torso, the skirt or pants with a high waist — it is a prerequisite in order to make your legs look longer. Like jeans in combination with shoes on heels is a great way to “pull” your silhouette. By the way, the skirt with a high waist will also work. If it is short, choose flesh-colored shoes.

Forget about the straps at the ankles

Choosing the right footwear is a defining factor of how long will seem to your feet. What matters is not only the color and heel height. To visually elongate the silhouette, you have to forget about shoes with straps at the ankles. Unfortunately, the straps create horizontal lines that “cut” the legs and visually shorten them.

Choose shoes with a pointed toe

Of course, this is not the most comfortable, and these shoes really can hurt your feet if you wear it too long, but still shoes with a pointed toe — the perfect choice if you want to look your best. Shoes with rounded toe looks good only if it matches the color shade of your feet or pants. As for the rest — shoes with a pointed toe is always one step ahead.

Shoes with a pointed toe — the perfect choice if you want to look your best.

Try wide-leg pants

You should not give preference to exceptionally tight jeans. If you have a weakness for the wide cut pants with sandals on the straps, then you already know how to visually lengthen your legs. To reinforce the effect, choose a model with vertical details (stripes or print).

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Wear a pencil skirt

Skirts with high waist all styles and sizes, so you can emphasize your legs, making them look longer, but the pencil skirt is the best way to elongate the silhouette. She is slim, especially if you tuck in a blouse or shirt and wear it quite high — just above the waist.

Dress with high waistline

Like skirt with a high waist, these dresses — one of the best ways to visually make your legs longer. Better if it is a floor-length gown. Combine it with the shoes. This image will perfectly extend your silhouette.

Try short shorts

If you are ready to show others your bare legs, then try short shorts — they will also help to visually lengthen legs. Of course, the combination with the heels is not the best choice, but in combination with sandals on a flat sole, these shorts will create a cute summer look.

The bronzer is the easiest way to make your legs look longer.

Use the bronzer

No matter whether you prefer to apply bronzer at home or entrust this important task to the professionals in the salon, know that the bronzer is the easiest way to make your legs look longer. Just apply a little color! By the way, tanning that occur gradually — a great option if you don’t want to overdo it and give your feet an orange hue.

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