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How to survive the heat “cores”

Как пережить жару "сердечникам"Experts have told how people with cardiovascular diseases survive the hot days.

The summer heat is a real test for anyone, even for those who consider themselves completely healthy, not to mention the people with weak body.

In a period of extremely high temperatures, it is important to give your health a sufficient amount of attention, so no problem to survive the summer heat. The first thing to take care of complete health of the heart and cardiovascular system. During the summer heat our muscular body is forced to work hard in order to maintain normal blood flow in the dilated vessels, so any bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle will only exacerbate the situation.

So, to help my heart to ride out the summer in the following ways. First, avoid any sun exposure between 12 to 17 hours a day, staying under direct sunlight should be limited to 15 minutes. Don’t forget about lightweight, not constraining clothes and a hat. Try to rest more, but continue to do moderate exercise and take a daily evening walk.

During this period the heart is particularly useful elements such as potassium and magnesium, they are in sufficient number are found in fruits, dried fruits and vegetables. Prefer useful food instead of fatty foods.

In order to avoid the threat of dehydration, should be sufficient to use plain water at room temperature, you can also drink chilled green tea. However, people who suffer from high blood pressure, followed by a moderately to use the liquid, so as not to create additional stress on the heart.

In the summer, you should limit alcohol beverages and stop Smoking.

Also in the hot season it is recommended all the time, even at night, to keep the Windows open. Conditioners it is preferable to use the minimum, in order to avoid and thus do not complicate the work of the cardiovascular system. During the heat are not recommended to work in suburban areas and gardens, especially is contraindicated at this time in greenhouses.

In the beginning of the summer season, all cores must be examined from your doctor and stock up on all necessary medications should always be at hand.

Also should be on the alert during any deterioration, if there is chest pain, you should immediately call the ambulance and take the pills, stimulating the activity of the heart.

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