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How to protect your heart from the summer heat

Как уберечь свое сердце от летней жарыHot sun, high humidity and well-being do not improve.

In the heat of the heart faces an additional burden – vessels dilate, the pressure falls.

To ensure normal blood flow it works in the strengthened mode. So in the summer it is important to pay special attention to the health of the heart and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

It should not be forgotten that the negative impact on the heart has not only the hot weather and atmospheric pressure fluctuations, but the wrong way of life. Inadequate sleep and insufficient physical activity, harmful habits (alcohol, Smoking), stress at work, the extra weight is enough to the heart of even a healthy person to have experienced overload. How to maintain a healthy heart, especially in the summer heat?.. This will help the simple rules.

Try not to be under direct sunlight in the midday sun from 12 to 17 hours – longer than 15 minutes.

You must wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics and a hat.

Try to rest more at home and ease the burden at work.

Do not forget about moderate fitness classes and evening walks in the Park.

Try to include in your diet more fruits and vegetables, because they have a lot of potassium and magnesium, minerals necessary for heart health. Eliminate fatty foods. Eat often in small portions.

Healthy people are recommended to drink more water to avoid dehydration. But the core should not do this. Excess fluid can cause increased blood pressure, which will create an additional burden on the vessels and heart. Better to drink pure water or green tea.

Eliminate Smoking and drinking alcohol.

In the heat of the day and night keep the Windows open. If you have air conditioning, don’t leave it on overnight you could get a cold. And colds in summer creates additional load on the heart.

In early summer, high blood pressure and heart problems it is better to undergo a preventive examination from your doctor. Necessary medicines should be always at hand.

Also cores are not recommended to work in the garden during the heat, especially in greenhouses.

At the first sign of poor health you must stop physical activity, move into the shade, to release the chest from the compressive garment. If there is chest pain, get medical attention immediately. Before his arrival, take medicines that stimulate the heart’s activity.

You should also pay attention to the following points.

General overheating provokes increased heart rate

Because the blood supply to the heart muscle is different from feeding other tissues of the body, the increased heart rate is not conducive to the flow of blood to the heart and increase supply it with oxygen, and, on the contrary, reduces it. This can cause the development of angina.

Therefore, avoid overheating and visit a cardiologist. In such cases, doctors prescribe drugs that normalize heart rhythm, from the group of beta-blockers.

Overheating of the body causes pressure differences

Blood pressure can how to dramatically increase, which can lead to the occurrence of vascular disease and the separation of already formed clots, or decrease, up to fainting.

In the case of increasing pressure assigned appropriate antihypertensive drugs, regular intake of which contributes most to the health of the cores.

At an abrupt decrease of blood pressure is recommended to drink sweet tea or coffee.

Do not allow sharp fluctuations of temperatures

Changes in temperature often occur during the summer when you exit the air-conditioned area on a hot street, in the adoption of a contrast shower or bathing in cold river or sea.

Such temperature fluctuations can trigger the development of so-called “cold pain”, which represents the occurrence of pain in the heart area, caused by the sharp contraction of blood vessels in the cold.

To avoid this painful condition, enter the water gradually and do not swim if the water temperature is below 22 degrees.

Avoid air conditioners

People suffering from chronic heart failure are prone to diseases of bronchitis and pneumonia, so it is strictly contraindicated to be directly next to a working AC.

Maintain a sensible fluid intake

Consumption in hot weather excess water leads to an increase circulating in the body fluid, which causes shortness of breath, swelling and other painful symptoms.

Inadequate fluid intake leads to blood clots and the formation of blood clots.

Remember, the daily volume of fluid includes not only water and beverages, but also soups, garnishes, fruit, etc.

In the heat it is necessary to take prescribed drugs to reduce the risk of thrombosis.

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