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How much we earn management companies?

The battle of the superintendent. How much we earn management companies?
Article from the newspaper: the Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 11 16/03/2016

The country was overflowed by a wave of clashes between management companies. In the course are fighting (sometimes with shooting and stabbing), threats, bribery, forgery…


Сколько на нас зарабатывают управляющие компании?

Recently in Ufa and communal conflict became public knowledge – several management companies (MC) arranged automating against one of its competitors.

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“We got out to the authorities and the people learned about what is happening in city communal raiding, says George Rossberg, the Director of one of the Ufa of the criminal code, the victim of lawlessness. – Our competitor blatantly grabs the house, acting gangster methods. Captivating debtors (for a reward of 100 thousand rubles, they persuaded other residents to change the criminal code) or blatantly falsifies records of the General Assembly. And collects money from people and service providers does not list them. Only pay for the lawsuits. Only the heat from the company’s debt more than 100 million, but the bankrupt resursnyi don’t want it, otherwise you won’t get anywhere. When the tenants start to complain about poor service at home, they say, “aren’t you afraid that you brick falls on my head?” As a result intimidated by everyone: residents, employees of management companies… but in the office people came with knives and wearing masks. I have the feeling that the yard again gangster 90-e”.


Сколько на нас зарабатывают управляющие компании?


Patience is exhausted…

Last week another communal conflict broke out. 500 inhabitants of Vyborg Leningrad region came to the rally against the actions of its management company.

“Control of all houses of the city and its surroundings got only one CC. What she wants, and does. It is a state in the state – says “AIF”Sergey Chudaev, the head of the “Center of public control of housing and communal services of the Leningrad region”. – Moreover, with the support of the local authorities of the company were transferred to the heat network, it was supposedly “supplying” organization and exposed its citizens to the rate of heat.


Сколько на нас зарабатывают управляющие компании?In a deplorable state. What to do if not satisfied with the management company?

If “Vyborgteploenergo” gigacalorie costs about 2000 rubles, UK sells heat already for 2850 rubles. After receiving the January and February payroll, the amount of which increased to 13-15 thousand rubles, the patience of the people burst. More than 400 people wrote applications to the Prosecutor’s office. People want to have the ability to organize the HOA and to choose the ACS. That’s just hear whether officials of his people, if a lot is going on with their direct participation?


Remember, recently the inhabitants of one of settlements of the region decided to abandon the poorly performing UK. Found next door a company with a good reputation, received the green light from its head… Issued the Protocol of General meeting of owners, but he refused: “I was called, threatened… Told to not go into someone else’s territory…”

Where did the money go?

What all of these arranged fights without rules? Of course, for the sake of money (see infographic). Residents only one-storey houses pay for housing services is 1-1,5 million rubles per year. Where that money went?


Сколько на нас зарабатывают управляющие компании?Housing-war. Why tenants and management companies on different sides of the barricades

“I analysed the open data of one of the criminal code. Turned out that 47% of the funds goes to so-called total operating services, which include Bank services, communications, supplies, rent, etc., – says Valery Kurman, the head of “housing Control” of the Orel region. – That is half the money of the tenants goes to maintain the UK! At the same time on repairs is spent only 5-6%”. A profitable business, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, management companies in the country is increasing and the competition is fiercer. However, when the residents come in the UK to complain about the leaking roof or pipes, they often hear: “we Have no money…”.

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