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How much oil in Russia actually?

Сколько нефти в России на самом деле?

Market manipulation is a great art. The truth is that not naubise – will not live as old as the world. And yet, it took 20 years and a record drop in the value of a barrel to finally understand a simple thing: the manipulation of the offer may close any budget hole.

Yesterday’s release that before the end of oil remained 28 years, definitely played nervous punters and curious citizens.
He also played on the price increase of a barrel.

Before you schedule the prices of Brel brent for March 16-18.

Сколько нефти в России на самом деле?

And so more clearly: how does the message that oil will not, on its price.

Сколько нефти в России на самом деле?

Now quite simple calculation. Compatible on the same chart two disproportionate numbers: the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil and released the reserve on that date. By simple linear aligning set the trend. See how seek each other black lines? They want to meet to open to us a simple truth: the higher the inventory the lower the price. Ordinary law of supply and demand, and what effect!

Сколько нефти в России на самом деле?

Now, what I’m getting at. I can’t know for sure how much oil Russia today, tomorrow or next week. I know that one should never reveal their cards because of a scarce commodity is the most expensive. And thank all the gods that our regularly surprised by their actions the government is finally understood.

P. S. the day before Yesterday oil was “missing” for 40 years. In fact, the certainty could not say no because of work for exploration being conducted every day, but are quite expensive and risky. Therefore, NEVER believe, if someone persuades you that he knows for sure about the stocks of certain minerals.

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