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Hijab with Putin caused a stir among Russian Muslims

Хиджаб с Путиным вызвал ажиотаж у российских мусульманок

Russian designer Muslim clothing Abushaeva Zuhra – Zuhra TM has released higb with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Display of new items was held at the presentation with a Patriotic name “do not leave His,” which was held recently in the framework of International scientific-educational conference “Faith, ethnicity, and nation in the era of crisis and change”, organized by the Spiritual administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation with the participation of spiritual leaders from Russia’s regions and CIS countries.

The theme collection Zuhra Abushaeva “no one knows” made the audience a strong impression, largely thanks to the red dress, in the style of graffiti was depicted the portrait of the President. Presents the hijab has caused a stir among the guests of the show. There were those, to whom the hijab was not to taste. This designer during personal communication with the audience was reminded that thus wanted to Express my respect for Putin as the head of our country.

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