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Greece predicting bankruptcy as early as this spring

Греции пророчат банкротство уже этой весной

In late March, Greece could face difficulties in servicing their debts to international lenders. The main reason is the lack of reforms, writes Der Spiegel.

Under the terms of the loans, 7 March Greece must repay to the International monetary Fund (IMF) EUR 300 million, and on March 16 – nearly 560 million euros, provided within the programme of assistance to Athens in 2010. however, the IMF expresses serious concern about the solvency of Greece, since the country promised to achieve a budget surplus of 3.5% of GDP in 2016.

The IMF continues to insist on the implementation by the Greek authorities promised reforms, and on the background of the migration crisis in the EU European authorities may request from Athens “more concessions”. As Greece has still not developed a new adequate system of taxation for citizens with high income, she needs to find alternative ways, for example, to cut pensions, writes the German edition.

It is known that Brussels has repeatedly urged Athens to improve border controls, as many refugees follow to Europe via Greece. If refugees continue to pass through Greece in the same amounts, in three months the EU to freeze its membership in the Schengen area.

Earlier, the European Commission decided to allocate Greece to 12.7 million euros to combat the flow of illegal migrants.

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