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Goosebumps: the shocking facts about some countries. Photo

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. ФотоMany countries and continents definitely have something unique than they differ from all the others.

Next, you will find shocking facts about the different countries of the world, which is not widely disseminated, but because I know about it only a few.

1. Selling virgins in Cambodia

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

Given that in this country three quarters of the population lives below the poverty line, Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Asia. This sad situation has led to the development of many forms of sexual exploitation, including global wild but well-kept trade virgins. Every year thousands of young virgins ages 13 to 18 years of selling to rich Cambodians or foreign tourists. In almost all cases innocent girls are sold by their own mothers, fathers or relatives. The issue price varies from $ 800 to $ 4000 depending on the physical attractiveness of the girl and the budget of the buyer.

2. Indonesian policy concerning virginity

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

In Indonesia 18-20 year old girls who enlist in police and military service, forced to take virginity tests. And do these tests… with two fingers. Representatives of the armed forces of Indonesia declare that the cause of this humiliating virginity testing is the desire to make sure that none of the women, “which was seen in bad habits, such as premarital sex, will not become a soldier”.

3. The war against witchcraft in Saudi Arabia

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

In Saudi Arabia there is a strange, unhealthy obsession with magic is considered a crime. In 2009, the country has established a special unit to combat sorcery, function is to search people suspected of witchcraft, neutralizing spells, and cursed objects, as well as informing the public about the dangers of the dark arts. Unfortunately, the majority of suspects in the practice of magic, which were caught by the Office for the suppression of witchcraft, are migrant workers from Africa, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. In Saudi Arabia it is prohibited to respect other religions than Islam. Migrant workers, who practice traditional methods of eccentric wear or unfamiliar religious objects, usually considered by people practicing witchcraft and sorcery. Moreover, most migrant workers cannot afford lawyers and do not even speak Arabic, so simply can not protect themselves.

4. Indian temples of carnal pleasures

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

The fact that India fell into conservatism, can be explained by several factors such as the influence of their own brahmin priestly caste, the influence of the British colonialists and the Muslim dynasties that once ruled in the region. Nevertheless, Indian views on life and sexuality once were not as conservative as today. For hundreds of years the Indians perceived sexual joys are much more liberal. This recognition and celebration of human sexuality led to the writing of the world’s first treatise of love, “Kama Sutra”, and “sex temples” that will shock the conservative society of India today. Of all the religious structures in India, depicting sexuality, nothing can compare with the temples found in Khajuraho, a small town in the state of Madhya Pradesh. They were built between the years 950 and 1050 during the reign of the Chandela dynasty. Of the 85 original designs preserved only 22. In 1986, this religious complex was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. The Khajuraho temples are the epitome of a once extremely liberal views on sexuality in India. The drawings on the walls depict shocking scenes of an erotic nature, where the participants are not always two, and there are animals.

5. Bhutanese dark secret of happiness

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

In Bhutan, which is considered one of the happiest places on Earth are dark, but effective secret of how to achieve peace and happiness is to think about death every day. In Bhutanese culture, people are encouraged to think about death five times a day. Eventually this led to the fact that people did not fear death, believe in reincarnation and believe that you will get another chance at life. In this simple way, people live whole life happy.

6. Philippine death squad in Davao

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

According to studies, Davao is in the top five safest cities in the world. This is rather surprising, because the city is located on the island of Mindanao, in the Philippines, teeming with Muslim rebels, Islamic terrorists and Communist protesters. Achieved such security by the so-called death Squad in Davao. This organization in recent years has killed more than 1,000 drug traffickers, street waifs, petty criminals and other criminal elements.

7. Modern farm slaves in South Korea

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

South Korea is one of the richest countries in Asia. But despite the prosperity and continuous development, the country suffers from a primitive problem — slavery. About two thirds of sea salt in South Korea is on the outlying Islands of Sinan County. It is in these rural areas thriving modern-day slavery. Most of the workers (who are mostly disabled or homeless) receive a penny or even just poor food for work, at least for 18 hours a day. These “slaves” are subjected to physical abuse by their “owners”. Even more alarming and depressing is that almost all the inhabitants on this remote island know about this practice, but local police do nothing.

8. Mass sterilization of women in Uzbekistan

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

In an attempt to control the increasing population, the government of Uzbekistan, secretly sterilize the female population. Each year, every doctor is granted a certain quota in urban areas doctors are required to sterilize at least four women a month. In rural areas the situation is more severe and gynaecologists instructed to sterilize eight women per week. In most countries, sterilization is a personal choice and many women choose these types for practical reasons. However, in Uzbekistan, married women do not want to be sterilized because the birth of many children is considered a sign of personal success. Therefore, the government conducts such operations without the knowledge and consent of women, thus denying the existence of forced sterilization programs.

9. Teenage brothels in Bangladesh

Мурашки по коже: шокирующие факты о некоторых странах. Фото

Bangladeshi men prefer girls with curves. That’s why a confused adolescent accept “occidere” — a steroid used for fattening cows and treatment of Allergy and inflammation in humans. Prostitution is widespread in Bangladesh, the poorest nation in South Asia. To remove the prostitute in this country for as little as $ 0,60, and serve under-age girls (the majority of prostitutes are less than 12 years) 15 people per day. Even more frustrating is the fact that most of these girls were sold to brothels by their own families for an average of only $ 245. In order to attract more customers, these young girls are forced to make exameron, which leads to faster set their weight and the fact that girls look more Mature. This drug is highly addictive and its continuous intake can lead to skin rash, high blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, and weakening of the immune system.

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