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“Good” and “bad” terrorists in accordance with the principles of the cold war

The West is not particularly sympathetic to the Russians after a series of terrorist attacks in September 1999, and even called the terrorists “freedom fighters,” writes Boyan, Bilbia in the Serbian edition of “Politics”. However, Russians don’t forget about double standards when it comes to victims, and do not suffer from amnesia, says the journalist.

«Хорошие» и «плохие» террористы в соответствии с принципами холодной войны

The Governor of the state of new York, Andrew Como “together with the whole world mourns the victims of the terrorist attack” in Brussels and was committed to efforts to make the world a more just and peaceful. Como explained that in solidarity the world trade centre building will be illuminated with colors of the Belgian flag. Meanwhile the photo shows that Comeau and his staff “dressed up” the building, built on the site of the largest terrorist attack in history, in the colours of Yugoslav or French tricolor.

This is certainly not a symbolic apology for the U.S. bombing of Yugoslavia, just, apparently, in the world center forgot to change the bulb after the previous terrorist attack in Paris. Then the whole world also paid tribute to the memory of the victims of terrorists in Europe.

This forgetfulness is not a new phenomenon. When 11 September 2001 al-Qaeda* destroyed the world trade center, the first telegram of condolence came from the Kremlin. It seems that the Russians have forgotten about the speculation of certain American Newspapers, they say, “maybe Putin is behind the terrorist attacks of 1999“, when terrorists razed houses in Moscow, Volgodonsk and Buinaksk. Similar statements were made by Eminence Grise of the Yeltsin Berezovsky – after irretrievably ruined relationship with Putin over the distribution of forces in the “new Russian order”.

The West is not particularly sympathetic to the Russians after a series of terrorist attacks in September 1999. There were those who inclined to the relativization of crimes. There were those who argued that the Russians themselves blew up or that it is a reflection of “frustration of the Chechen rebels“. Mentioned even “freedom fighters“. This was at the West books are written, films made interviews with the authors “other versions” and funded polls on the topic, what about these alternate versions, I think the citizens of Russia.

Terrorists in Russia have justification for what they did, unlike the European terrorists, were called “cowards“. Interpreters of terrorist attacks in Russia can afford to condemn them with a delay and some doubt. But when Moscow said that Europe needs to understand where it comes the real danger, it inflates the scandal.

After the terrorist attack in Brussels, the Chairman of foreign policy Committee of the state Duma Alexei Pushkov wrote in his Twitter: “While Mr Stoltenberg, himself with no memory of fighting with imaginary “Russian threat” and places the troops in Latvia, under his nose, in Brussels, blow up people“.

This tweet called “undiplomatic“, but it shows that the Russians still do not forget about double standards in relation to victims.

They do not suffer from amnesia and remember the terse words of condolence from the West, in the summer when terrorists brought down the Russian passenger plane over Egypt. Besides, Russians cannot be called ignorant.

Global information service of the Kremlin Russia Today immediately discovered that Sunday, the day of terrorist attacks in a European capital, some Western channels instantly published an “exclusive footage from the event“, i.e. from the Brussels airport and metro. It was about photos from five years ago – and from Russia. Then “frustrated militants” in Domodedovo killed about the same number of people as in Brussels.

However, the Western media then wrote quite differently than on Brussels. Was not “Yugoslav” or the Russian tricolor on the big Ben and the Eiffel tower. Journalists put forward the hypothesis that it is a “response to the measures, which Russia applies to Muslims“. And definitely a reminder that terrorism is only a response to the violence of the state in relation to “groups that oppose the government in Russia“.

Maybe the Russians are paranoid and see conspiracy everywhere, when they talk about double standards. Maybe the gun completely insensitive and doesn’t understand the frustration of terrorists and undiplomatic accuses NATO that it was sending troops to countries bordering on Russia, instead of directing them against al-Qaida.

Therefore, it may be, you have to understand the frustration of the chief of Ukrainian security Service Vasily Gritsak, who in the Brussels terrorist attacks found “theRussian trace“, after which Prime Minister Medvedev wrote that Hrytsak “jerk“, and the chief of presidential administration of Russia Sergei Ivanov called it “degenerate“.

But the most surprising that nobody in the West does not even admit the possibility that the Russians are frustrated of his long-term policy of double standards – and that’s just Pushkov expressed in 140 characters.

And maybe in all of this and nothing unusual.

* Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization whose activity is prohibited in Russia (approx. RT).

Author: Bojan, Bilbia

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