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Gamer in record time passed a unique complex map in GTA 5

Геймер за рекордное время прошел уникальную сложную карту в GTA 5Gamer, fan of GTA 5, for 3 minutes was the most complex custom map online play.

Popular cards in GTA Online can be so complex that it really requires great skill from the player.

The user with the nickname Albert managed to not just go through the most complicated card game, and show a true master class in extreme Cycling, passing it in record time. Fans of the game not only impressed with what was easily the most difficult player map.

Card Retro maniA contained the most difficult obstacle course, and much like a “rainbow road” from the acclaimed Mario Kart. The gamer is needed on the passing game only two attempts to pass the map and a record 3 minutes and 18 seconds, which is the absolute maximum for all history of existence of such maps. Release that the PC version has already become a cult game GTA 5 has been out almost a year ago, April 14, 2015.

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