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G20 countries strengthen the fight against terrorism

Страны G20 усиливают борьбу с терроризмом

The countries “Groups of twenty” have agreed to step up cooperation in the fight against sources and channels of financing of terrorists, according to a draft communiqué meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank heads of the G20 countries.

“We are committed to combating the financing of terrorism. We will intensify our efforts to combat sources, technology and channels of financing for terrorists and strengthen our cooperation on exchange of information. We call on all countries to join this effort”, reads the document, which was available to RIA Novosti.

A source in the Russian delegation told reporters that all countries “the twenty” unanimously supported this provision of the communiqué.

“A lack of solidarity, all countries supported the language, of course, there were any corrections, suggestions, but it was not the situation when someone spoke strongly against this point (about the suppression of the financing of terrorism — ed.) or offer some of the most serious moments to shoot it,” he said.

“All “the twenty” supported the inclusion of the call to be in a position to comply with all decisions of the December resolution of the UN security Council on terrorism financing”, — the source added.

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