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Found on Pluto clouds

На Плутоне нашли облака

Station New Horizons took images of clouds in the atmosphere of Pluto. The first images of normal for the Earth phenomena were adopted by NASA on 13 September 2015 — same time the Agency reported the haze in the atmosphere of the dwarf planet. This publication reports New Scientist.

The possible detection of clouds (with corresponding photos) scientists of the mission New Horizons discussed in the correspondence by e-mail. To publish data experts plan in the journal Science. Clouds can consist of nitrogen, methane, acetylene, ethylene and ethane.

Automatic interplanetary station New Horizons July 14, was on the closest distance from Pluto and its satellites. In 2019 it will reach the planetoid 2014 MU69 located at a distance of 1.6 billion kilometers from the planet in the Kuiper belt.

The main objective of New Horizons is the study of Pluto and its satellite Charon. Scientific equipment installed at the station, is designed to collect data about the magnetosphere of the dwarf planet, the composition of its atmosphere, the surface structure and interaction with Charon.

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