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Foul play in the garbage business

Нечестные игры в мусорный бизнес

One of the most profitable businesses in Russia, is garbage. “Waste transportation” — is an activity that is licensed and brings significant profits. If you believe the rumors, the informal income in this industry are measured seven-digit numbers. To enter into this business, and the more become the “big fish”, everywhere and always. “Director dumps” are considered to be the gold lived.

In recent years, the situation with the trash business is quite complicated. The market is literally teeming with carriers. For example, in the capital of our country, has registered about 500 such companies. And competition between them is growing every day.

The largest segment of this market is the removal of domestic waste . Why? Because cooperation with housing guarantees constant and large volumes. In this segment, and there are “bin barons”. And it is here that frequent the “trash mess”.

Companies are trying to survive competitors, using different manipulations. They throw garbage on the territory of a competing company. Debris becomes much more. Why are ordinary citizens, forced to live among piles of garbage and to suffer enormous inconvenience. It happens that the garbage men throw themselves on their territory “extra” debris, in order to raise pay for its cleanup. Still, a sharp increase in the number of garbage “help” bought for commercial use of ground floors of residential buildings. Shops and offices throw their garbage right on site housing. They simply do not want to pay for disposal at a commercial rate. Thus, the removal of their garbage paid we are residents.

Despite all these dirty games and mess, many people wanting to take out the garbage, no. And all because it paid real money. Which is so lacking in times of crisis.

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