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Foreign currency borrowers are preparing for the street

Under the threat of eviction were about 800 families, a third of them already have a court decision in favor of banks.

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Валютных заемщиков готовят к улице

Hundreds of currency borrowers, gathered at a Congress in “Izmailovo Beta”. The youngest, at first glance, a little over thirty, though, the backbone is clearly older. Introduction this bout is difficult to call: many chatted online, met at pickets, rallies, rode together in the police car.

However, this time has come a lot of newcomers, organizers said. “Gradually catching up those who have come to the end of vacation credit”, — told “Rosbalt”.

Many of those present took a mortgage before the crisis of 2008-2009, say the activists. Then most of them and alternatives. “Your salary is not enough for ruble mortgages, but you can take foreign currency”, — the responses of credit institutions options.

“After 2008 to sign with the new Bank credit agreement and to transfer the mortgage into rubles, we could not. Due to the devaluation the value of the collateral has ceased to cover 70% of the loan amount, but it is a prerequisite for issuance of a new.

In other cases, loan agreements provided for a moratorium on making any changes or early repayment.

Often banks simply refused to accept from the borrowers ‘ applications for refinancing, without explanation,” said St. Petersburg activist Galina Grigorjeva.

“We are 8-10 years regularly paid to the banks, but now, when the amount of debt increased by 200-300%, even the sale of housing will not solve the problem — we still remain they should,” she said.

We will remind, in January of last year the Central Bank has recognized the problem and issued a letter “On the restructuring of mortgage housing loans in foreign currency”. The truth of the message, released by a Bank regulator in fact was only a recommendation, and in addition to “Sberbank” none of the creditors was not taken seriously. “As far as I know, “Sberbank” with their borrowers decided the issue. At least, the problem is not so acute,” said an activist from Moscow Irina Spine.

In April 2015 the government issued a decree about the launch of the assistance program mortgage borrowers from the seller. According to the document, the maximum amount of compensation on the loan and is limited to 10% of the balance amount of the loan, calculated at the date of conclusion of the contract on the restructuring, but not more than 600 thousand rubles. Moreover, this money is not in the pocket of the borrowers and allocated to banks as compensation for their lost income. The only problem is that the sentence is probably meant for the ruble borrowers. Monetary debts to banks now jumped by 200-300%. When the amount owed is 10-15 million rubles, offer the seller looks like a drop in the ocean.

According to the expert of the Moscow Bureau for human rights Vladimir Princess, from 150 thousand foreign currency borrowers (according to expert estimates, more than 25 thousand, as was stated officially), to restructure the program AHML was only 10-15.

In short, the prospects of borrowers today is not too bright. In addition to the adopted recommendations and programs of the seller, pending in the state Duma are 7 bills, but with their adoption, legislators are in no hurry.

Programs offered by banks, for many not a solution. “VTB 24 invites us to give an apartment as compensation, that is, to forget 7-8 years of payments. In this case, he will forgive the remaining debt. If desired, we can live in it two years, and then again to take credit — at the same apartment,” he shared his story Love Iukhtenko.

True, and that grace is not available to everyone. Thus, according to another borrower VTB 24, the offer is possible only if at the time you pay on the loan. If overdue is this the way you ordered.

Meanwhile, borrowers of other banks consider this capability very attractive. The Bank “Delta Credit”, for example, stands firmly on currency refinance a mortgage at the current rate, however, at a lower interest rate — in essence, to fix the current situation.

However, the rare lucky ones still manage to individually negotiate with the lender. “The loan I can’t pay since December 2014. The last payment in 50 thousand roubles I made in November, and then every month pay up to one thousand until July 2015, the Bank did not sue me in court,” told the story of one of the participants of the movement of Faith Samarkina.

According to the activist, to help of other lawyers to use it did not — dealt with this issue myself.

“All this time, lasted until the trial, I had a dialogue with the Bank. On Monday we made a deal on refinancing,” — continued Samarkina unhappy under the hooting audience.

That banks do an individual agreement, have repeatedly stated their representatives. However, the conditions, which consisted of such transactions, remain secret until the parties sign a non-disclosure agreement.

However, such stories are still the exception. Other borrowers, refusing once bonded, in their opinion, deals with banks on the verge of vessels: 800 cases-thirds of them have already made the decision on eviction from the only housing. The movement participants are preparing to defend themselves.

According to the lawyer of Anton Guschin, hopes for the courts of first instance small. “But the St. Petersburg court recently upheld our appeal and accepted the decision of the court of first instance illegal. Perhaps the same judge, aware of his mistake in regard to other borrowers will make a different decision,” the lawyer hopes.

According to Guschin, lawyers movement are willing to share practice with lawyers for hire, to create for this special chat.

If the appeal does not come, no one just so the house Bank will not give such a position of the borrowers was the keynote of the meeting. In the ranks of activists increasingly hear about self-defense.

“We need a moratorium on the eviction: immediately to the spring,” says one St. Petersburg activist Dmitry Yurin is the author of the slogan “We refuse to pay the insane”.

In fact, all of what you’re asking currency borrowers — block to evict them from apartments for which they paid over many years and intend to continue paying, and to improve credit, to restore him to his sense.


Валютных заемщиков готовят к улице The Russians will protect you from quick money


“We made the decision to take currency mortgages — have used legal product of the Bank license from the Bank of Russia. We came to the professionals, showed them the structure and level of income, asked the Board how to buy a home. Now the Bank has to share with us, implemented the risks. You need to consider the price of the apartment, the solvency level, the duration of relations,” said activist Irina Spine.
In her opinion, the most fair requirement to convert the balance owed at the rate on the date of the agreement with possible increase by 20-30%, set the rate at 12.2% per annum, similar to rouble denominated loans.

“A loan agreement in the currency of the transaction is unenforceable: each round of growth of exchange rates increases the amount of the debt, in fact it is a “black hole” that absorbs funds without chances of loan repayment. The danger of a currency mortgage is that debt is not limited to the value of the property. You cannot give the apartment to the Bank and get freedom from credit. The decision of the court of the debt balance that is most often equal to the cost of another apartment, to be paid for life. People lose motivation to continue to work, pay taxes,” — noted the activists.

In Hungary to solve the problem of foreign currency borrowers spent nearly a third of foreign exchange reserves. In Croatia also on the state level was accepted the decision on compulsory conversion of foreign currency loans at the old rate.

While some members of the Congress spoke with the tribune about the foreign experience, from the hall that sounded more cries about our Russian. Indeed, December 30, 2015 was adopted 422-FZ, which refers to solving the problem of foreign currency borrowers of the Crimea and Sevastopol. And it is not even that Crimeans counted all credits, including consumer, at the exchange rate at the date of accession (18 March 2014), recognized activists already on the sidelines. “Officials drew attention to this issue, the Federal law adopted”, — with disappointment they notice. According to borrowers, it is fair to make binding decision by banks and in respect of the remaining borrowers.

At the end of the meeting the participants wrote an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, in the fact that this document at least something will change, borrowers almost not believe. “For a year and a half we have come a long way: were organized dozens of protests and mass actions, written dozens of letters to the Central Bank, banks, the state Duma, to the presidential administration. Working groups were established under the Council for human rights, at the Central Bank. To no avail,” complains one of active participants of the movement Oksana Semenova.

However, to surrender the foreign currency borrowers do not intend, and variants in the current situation in a lot of them.

Anna Semenets

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